CROSSFIRE, the “Global No.1 Online First-Person Shooter (FPS) Game” that has captured more than 4.2 million concurrent users worldwide is now here in Singapore and Malaysia for the first time. Brought to you by SmileGate SEA the Subsidiary of SmileGate, INC.

In conjunction with the launching of CROSSFIRE SEA in Singapore and Malaysia, SmileGate SEA is organizing the “ELITE STARS PROJECT” a Showcase Clan War with a pool of cash prize worth RM 25,000. The best FPS Teams from different FPS Games Background are invited to challenge their strong mental skill and physical dexterity to battle out to be the best. These Pro-teams are such as Team Apple Dream Net from BlackShot, Team Invasion from CS:GO and others from Sudden Attack and M.A.T. to showcase their Sportsmanship during “Elite Stars Project”.

Venue: Invasion, Bukit Maluri, Kepong.
Date: 24/8/2013
Prize Pool: RM25,000

Elite Stars Project

Elite Stars Project

About SmileGate
SmileGate is leading the global game market today with our #1 ranked FPS game – CROSSFIRE online and this is just beginning of our many milestones to come.

As the creator of the world’s most played online game, we strive to create high quality games, ensuring delivery of enjoyable entertainment contents. With driving passion for high-gaming-spirit, the birth of SmileGate SEA knows no boundaries while providing the best gaming experience to your doorstep.
Together, let us capture the vision of providing the best games through diverse gaming platforms and be the main driver in e-sport activities.

CROSSFIRE provides unique gaming modes such as “Ghost Match”, “AI Mode”, “Nano” and “Escape” as well as other standard modes found in other FPS games.

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CROSSFIRE also comes with about 110 maps of various difficulty settings and 400+ weapons, providing a great number of options to suit the various preferences of many players.

▶ Realism
To create a sense of realism, the weapon and character design is based on real-life equipment and organizations. Also, the various game modes use real-life military operations as the benchmark.

▶ Casual Gameplay and Wide Player Demographics
To highlight the strength of casual gaming, in-game systems have been carefully selected, balanced and consistently applied.
With friendly help along the way that will minimize the learning curve, and with the intuitive UI, CROSSFIRE can accommodate a wide range of players.

▶ Optimal Localization
This game has been localized beyond the simple translation process. The localization process took into account each country’s unique situation by considering and analyzing the preferences of local players, and by adjusting balance as well as various in-game systems.

CROSSFIRE SEA Community Rules and Regulation:
• All fans are required to be mindful of their behaviour and be respectful to one another at all times during any form of debate.

• There will be zero tolerance to any comments of taunting, vulgarities, defamatory words or hateful words towards race, religion, sex, or any other offensive nature.

• Comment posts should be kept to brand related and non-commercial content, attempt on hijacking post will be removed without prior notice.

• Freedom of speech is encouraged, however posts that violate the community rules and regulation are subject to be removed or deleted at the company’s discretion.

• Violation of any community rules and regulation may result in the fan being banned from the page.

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