Conquer Online is currently running it’s November Ultimate Sales. Lots of items, cp and goodies are on sales that is going to boost and enhance your Conquer Online game play. What are you waiting for? Check out the details below and buy now!

Bound Item Joy   11.10-11.23
Event page 
Details: CP can be exchanged for 3 CP (B), the uncreditable ratio you can never imagine. A mass of bound items and equipments are waiting for you.

Bound CP Rebate   11.10-11.23
Event Page
Details: Credit TQ Point Cards from November 10th to 23rd, you will get equivalent CP (B) rebates for the CP you purchase. By crediting account during this event, you don’t have to worry about getting CP Bound anymore!

November Ultimate Sales    11.10-11.23
Event Page: 
Details: Players can talk to Bound Item Promoter to purchase bound equipment with good CP price.Dragon Ball, +3 Stone, permanent stone, Chi Point and Tough Drill will be in sales with CP.

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