Colombia will be your second Hitman 2 location revealed

by Sammy Chan
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IO Interactive has just revealed through a trailer that Colombia will be your second map for Hitman 2. Miami was the first Hitman 2 location that was featured at E3 showing Agent 47 doing assassin things. A total of six maps will be available for players to explore in Hitman 2. However, if you owned Hitman season one, you’ll be able to get a remastered version of the six maps from the previous game for free. That’s six maps from Hitman 2 and another six maps to a total of 12 maps to explore.

This Hitman 2 location has hippos

The trailer shows the landscape and the story of what you will be doing as Agent 47 in Santa Fortuna. Instead of the busy streets of cities for you to blend in, you have to make use of the lush environment this time. Smack someone with a hammer, or throw it at their faces! Maybe shoot down a chandelier to make it look like an accident, though we’re not sure who would fall for that. Take a brick of cocaine and throw it at the back of someone’s head for some reason. The trailer ends with a hippo submerging. Here’s hoping there’s a special interaction where we can throw someone into the hippo or something.
From what we learn from the Miami trailer and gameplay, is that there are endless possibilities of how you can do your missions. You can aim to just snipe the target when he’s on the podium if you want to make it quick. Disguise as one of the mechanics and do some sneaky sabotage to make it look like an accident. There are so many ways you can get the job done it’s a waste to just do one mission.

Hitman 2 location

Screengrabbed from the trailer

Hitman 2 is scheduled to be released on the Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 13, 2018. The end of the trailer shows the content and merchandise you can get from the Hitman 2 Collector’s Edition. We definitely want the CE just so we can get the gun case and walk around in a business suit. Totally not going to be bald though.

Screengrabbed from the trailer

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