COD Mobile Season 14 has leaked | New Best Gun, and maybe a New Map?

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Right around the corner is Call of Duty (COD) Mobile’s latest season, Season 14. What’s coming is potentially a new map, and what could be the best gun in COD Mobile. We say right around the corner, as there has been no official word on its release date. HOWEVER, we’ve done the math, and we’ve got a pretty good idea when it will be dropping. 

COD Mobile Season 14 

As Season 13’s Winter War draws to a close, there are many predictions thrown all over the internet. Some of which even suggesting a name change, with seasons being reset to 1 (Season 1). But we’re going to be referring to it as Season 14 for now. With the majority of the new seasons, expect new changes coming into the game.

  • Attack of the Undead Mode Returns
  • 3V3 Gunfight Mode
  • New Guns (We explain further below)
  • Bundles
  • Operator Skill – Gravity Vortex

New Guns

So they went ahead and teased to new guns on their official Twitter. And we have a clear picture of what these guns are. Can you guess them?


Here’s what they really are:


Best Gun coming to COD Mobile?

YMMV, but if you’ve been playing COD over the years, you’d probably used the FR 5.56 (aka COD’s rendition of the fan favourite FAMAS). The FR 5.56 fires a three round burst that will get you an instant kill if your aim is right. Just don’t miss the shot. Simple, yet a fan favourite, with some considering it the best. Don’t know about everyone else out there, but if you can’t tell, the writer loves his FAM-ASSES. (It’s a joke, calm down)

New Map?

Potentially. The game could be seeing a new map dropping as well. Set in an urban mall, surrounded by buildings, Rebirth may be familiar to some. It was in a public test built by Activision back in December. 

Season 14 Release Date

In regards to Season 14’s drop date however, well… Season 13 ends on January 25th, so based on previous seasons, we have a feeling it’s going to be January 26th? This however is just a prediction, so best to wait and see as we edge closer to the next season.

To conclude today’s Call of Duty Mobile goodness, we can’t wait for the next season to drop. And if you’re like us, you’d be well stocked up right now. If you’re not, then head over to SEAGM right now, and get prepared. We’re in for a possible RESET – Season 1.

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