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by Yong Chi Winn
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Gearing up for TI10, we had an interview with Malaysia’s Dota 2 legend, Mushi about his career as a coach, his experiences playing at TI and other competitions as well as his thoughts on this year’s TI10.

It been a week since we witnessed one heck of a Dota 2 tournament. A week since Team Spirit defied all odds to defeat some of the world’s greatest team to win the Aegis at The International 10. What a tournament it was and to say that we feel the post-TI10 blues is an understatement.

Brief History

To give you a little bit of background and history, Chai “Mushi” Yee Fung is a professional Dota 2 player and the current coach for Boom Esports (as of 28 October). Back in the early days of DotA 2, Mushi was known to be one of the best players in the world, especially in the Mid position. He won the GosuAwards in 2013 as the Best Mid Solo DotA2 player. In fact, in 2009 when Mushi just started, he would meet KuroKy at the SMM tournament and after playing each other, Kuro went on the state that he felt like a noob playing in the mid position against Mushi.

Mushi made a name for himself when he joined Orange Esports in 2011.

Some of his achievements as an active player include getting to 3rd place at TI3.

And yes, we know what you’re thinking, it was the infamous Denied Aegis moment. But, don’t forget that Mushi and Navi’s Dendi had a great battle in the mid lane.

In any form of competition, mistakes do happen, but to be able to reach 3rd in the biggest esports tournament is something to be proud of.

After his time at Orange, Mushi would join the Chinese team, Team DK where he placed 4th in TI4.

Fast forward to 2014, Mushi and a group of Malaysian DotA 2 legends would form a team to represent Malaysia called, Team Malaysia.

In 2015, Team Malaysia would be acquired by Fnatic.

During Mushi’s time at Fnatic, his team would place 4th in TI6 as well as finishing top 6 at both the Manila and Shanghai Majors.

After Fnatic, Mushi would join Mineski where he won the Dota 2 Asia Championships in 2018, defeating LGD in a close 3:2 series.

During the 2020-2021 DPC circuit, Mushi was the coach for TNC Predator and although the it has been challenging due to the online tournaments, he’s still eager to push on to be the best coach in the world.

On 28 October 2021,  Indonesia’s Boom Esports announced that Mushi will be their new DotA 2 coach.

Some of Mushi’s notable signature heroes include: Shadow Fiend, Queen of Pain, Medusa, Luna and Ursa.

In case you missed our interview with DotA 2 legend, Mushi, you can watch it here.

Mushi on Coaching and Challenges He Faced


Mushi On The International 10

Post TI10, we caught up with Mushi once more to ask him about his thoughts about the tournament and how it compares with the past TI tournaments.

“It was a very entertaining TI , and to see Team Spirit climb all the way from lower bracket to winning the tournament was truly heartwarming. They also reminded me of Orange Esports back in TI3. Although we came in at third place we never gave up. It also reminded me of Wings, where it was the player’s very first time competing at TI and for Team Spirit everyone was new, except for Miposhka.” – Mushi

Mushi On Countering Collapse Magnus

At TI10, we also saw the rise of Collapse’s Magnus and how everyone in the Asia server was either playing Magnus or banning Magnus. We asked Mushi what would he choose to counter the Collapse Magnus.

“I would think maybe Lion, Rubick, Winter Wyvern, Tide Hunter or Vengeful Spirit would help the opposing team a lot. Maybe even Spectre.”

Before there was a Collapse Magnus, we have to remember that there was the kYxY Magnus. And, like everyone, we just had to know what his thoughts were and who played Magnus better.

” I don’t think you can really compare the two. The patch back then and the current one are really different. But, in their moment to shine, no matter if it’s Magnus or any other hero, they will definitely put on a good show.” Mushi said.

That being said, we think that Mushi is still one of the best Mid players of all time and it was a privilege to have a chat with him about his career, helping others as well as his thoughts on the DotA landscape in the Southeast Asia region. Hopefully one day we will see Mushi be the next Malaysian to win a TI Aegis, either as a coach or a player. We wish Mushi and TNC all the best in the next DPC season.

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