Blue Archive | The only Re-Roll guide you’ll ever need

by Patrick Mark
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Blue Archive just got dropped on both the Android Play Store and Apple App Store this week and it is catching a lot of attention from fellow gacha gamers due to it’s re-roll friendly system.

What is Blue Archive?

Blue Archive is an RPG game that features 3D “chibi” inspired characters. You act as the teacher, recruiting students and leading them to solving various cases in the city.

Along with their cute art style, the gameplay is straightforward as well. Utilizing students skills in battle with a cost system, similarly found in trading card game mechanics such as Hearthstone.

What is re-rolling?

Re-rolling helps users to get the most out of their first free character pulls given by any game, But in most games, this is not allowed as you would typically tie the said account to an existing email which will lead to more hassle and headache.

In the case of Blue Archive however, Nexon has ensured that new players get the best experience for re-rolling.

How to re-roll for your characters on Blue Archive?

After installing the game, sign in as a Guest Account.

Complete the tutorial .
After you’re done with the tutorial, you get to recruit your first 10 Students for FREE.
Take a look at your characters and decide which one you want to keep. You can refer to the character list here.

If you do not like the characters you pulled for, simply head to the account settings.

Select the “reset account” button. 

Type in “BlueArchive” and there you go! your account is brand new.

just do take note by doing this, you will need to complete the tutorial again. Happy re-rolling!

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