Blizzard Teases New Overwatch Hero And Map

by Yong Chi Winn

Happy New Year! 2017 was a great year for Overwatch with the establishment of the Overwatch League and winning Best Esports Game as well as Best Ongoing Game. Now, according to this developer’s update, 2018 Overwatch is off to a great start with already, a new overwatch hero! Here are some of the things Jeff Kaplan talked about.

Blizzard World Map

Image via Blizzard

This is perhaps going to be the most beautiful and detailed map in the game. We’ve caught a snippet of it during Blizzcon 2017 alongside Moira’s reveal. However, it was not released alongside the hero. The reason being that there were parts of the map that needed to be perfected based on the feedback they got from the beta testing at Blizzcon. Kaplan has mentioned that the map is going to be filled with little Easter eggs so do look forward to finding them!
The Blizzard World map is going to be a hybrid map so the objective will be similar to Numbani and King’s Row.

New Hero

This is going to be the 27th hero on the Overwatch roster. Unfortunately, Kaplan has been light-handed with the details of this much-anticipated hero. Kaplan says, “We think the hero is gonna be awesome. We think the hero is very needed. We’re not really sure exactly when the release date is. The release date is less important to us than getting the hero right.”
The Overwatch team is always on their toes with the balancing of each hero. Therefore it’s understandable that they’ll take their time with every new hero. As long as it’s done right! We do know that the hero is developed enough to be in testing and according to Kaplan, it’s looking pretty good in there.

Lunar New Year Event

Kaplan has also mentioned that there are going to be loads and loads of new events, starting off with the Lunar New Year Event. In 2017, we had The Year of the Rooster. This year, it’s going to be The Year of the Dog. This means, new skins and emotes. The team is also working on a new game mode for it.
Aside from the Lunar New Year Event, Kaplan has talked about bringing back the Uprising Event. That event was a big step forward for the lore. Kaplan says, “We know that Uprising should return for the players that never got to experience it in the first place. But we want to evolve it and we want to put more thought into what that event could be.”
Exciting things will happen, we just have to be patient.

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