Black Ops 4 removes single player campaign

by Sammy Chan
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The reveal yesterday proves the previous leak to be true. Black Ops 4 removes single player campaign and in its place, a battle royale mode call Blackout. Treyarch, the developer, has confirmed that this game will be focusing on multiplayer gameplay with a side offering for those who enjoys playing alone. Subsequently, the release date has been set for October 12, 2018. It’ll be available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Boots on the ground?

So what are you getting with $60? The new Black Ops consists of the aforementioned battle royale, Blackout and three new zombie maps. The zombie maps will have different modes for a player of any skill level to dive in to, according to the developer. There will be no single player campaign but instead, they’re adding in a backstory for each specialized character you can use. If Angry Joe’s prediction is right, it’ll basically be like how Rainbow Six Siege. Each character gets a tutorial you can play through to understand how they work on top of a cinematic trailer.
With their priority set on multiplayer, Activision has decided to host their servers through Blizzard. This dedicated server should bring forth a better and much more stable online experience. Also, the PC version will be optimized now instead of just a console port so that’s good news for PC players.
That aside, Blackout will reportedly have air, land and sea vehicles. Imagine riding around a chopper and shooting out of your launcher at a cluster of people. Sounds fun? Here’s the catch – you have to roll for a chance to get that chopper in a legendary loot box! No, that’s not a confirmed thing but we wouldn’t put it past Activision. Just look at Destiny 2 😉
Will you be getting Black Ops 4 when it comes out? You can check out the freeze frames trailer of Blackout above.

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