Baizhu Leaks – What we know so far

by Aoi Hikari
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Baizhu, the highly anticipated character in Genshin Impact, has been the subject of many internet leaks. Although Baizhu is still in beta testing, players have been given a sneak peek into this enigmatic character. In this article, we will explore the Baizhu leaks and provide you with everything we know about this mysterious character. Keep reading to learn more about what Baizhu has in store for you in Genshin Impact.

Baizhu Leaks

About Baizhu

Baizhu is a Dendro user and the owner of the Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue in Genshin Impact. He is well-known for his expertise in herbs and medicine, often helping those in need. Baizhu is a wise and calm character who is respected in Liyue for his knowledge and skills. He is a 5-star Dendro catalyst user.


According to Twitter leaks, Baizhu is a new support character in Genshin Impact with strong healing capabilities and the potential to serve as a sub-DPS in certain team compositions. Baizhu’s healing ability scales with his max HP, similar to other support characters. While some players would have preferred to see more of Baizhu’s snake Changsheng in his abilities, Baizhu’s impressive animations have still caught the attention of many.



Baizhu is a melee catalyst user that performs four consecutive normal attacks. His Elemental Burst creates a powerful shield that damages enemies and recovers HP, while his Elemental Skill allows him to control a Gossamer Sprite that deals Dendro damage to nearby foes before returning to heal party members. Leaks suggest that Baizhu will have the Primordial Jade Regalia as his signature weapon, and his charged attack will involve drawing the rod of Asclepius, the symbol of healers and medicine, with two fingers. Additionally, Baizhu is rumored to be a strong dendro seed generator, which is beneficial for bloom teams that rely on dendro cores. His shield may also be comparable to Geo Archon Zhongli’s. Baizhu is a great battery for dendro teams, particularly with Alhaitham.

Baizhu Leaks

Is he worth pulling?

Baizhu is expected to offer some of the best support in Genshin Impact when he is released. Although he is not yet available, the leaked information suggests that he will be a valuable addition to any team, enhancing their potential significantly. With time to consider your options, Baizhu may be a great unit to add to your roster.

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