AniManGaki 2019: 5 Survival Tips

by Sammy Chan
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AniManGaki 2019 is just around the corner, happening this August 31, and September 1, to be exact. For the uninformed, AniManGaki is a Malaysian convention celebrating animation, comics, and games. You can expect to find a jaw-dropping variety of cosplay, gaming booths, concerts and merchandise in the span of the massive two-day event.

Sounds overwhelming? Don’t worry! Here are FIVE beginner tips if you’re attending the event for the first time.

Buy early bird ticket!

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, here’s a quick reminder that AniManGaki requires a ticket for entry. Early-bird sale for the ticket has begun and will end on August 29. So if you want to save some bucks, go get it now over here.

Bring a power bank/charging kit

Since the event typically begins early in the morning until late evening, make sure you bring a power bank to recharge your phone. For extra measures, just bring your whole charging set.

AniManGaki is one of, if not THE biggest ACG conventions in Malaysia. Just last year, it hosted 20,000 visitors in the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre. This year, AniManGaki is going to be held at the Mines International Exhibition Convention Centre, and you can expect the venue to be PACKED. Everyone’s going to be having their phones out sharing cool photos to their social media. What happens when thousands of devices are hogging the bandwidth? Your phone is going to drain its battery fighting for that telco signal!

Alternatively, we suggest saving your power by setting your phone on Airplane mode while you snap away pictures. You can later share these photos during your food break or even at home. This is because when you’re running an app, especially social apps where there are a lot of things to load – it’s gonna eat away at your battery.

Bring water and snacks

If you want to maximize your expense on getting merch and loots, the best way to go about this is to bring your own nourishment. There will be lots of F&B, of course, but it’s always good to have an extra bottle of water on hand. Despite the on-site provision and the event location being connected to The Mines mall, snacks will come in handy when you’re waiting in line for a seat to a restaurant.

Plus, if you’re not fond of walking back and forth between MIECC and The Mines, the packed provision will help lessen some walking trips.

Have a budget! But bring extra cash

With over 80 booths in the main hall, it’s extremely likely that there’s going to be something that catches your eye… off-guard. Not bringing enough cash is a common pain that attendees go through, be it their first convention or their tenth.

Exclusive merchandises from Japan and other rare limited items may just catch that collector eyes of yours. So it’s wise to have extra cash if you think you might get tempted. ATMs are generally found outside the “hall”, so going out to withdraw cash and re-entering via the queue is definitely how you want to spend your time at AMG.

By now it’s probably too late to advise you guys to “save up” for AMG since it’s just a week away. But do plan out how much you plan to spend. Food and laifu over waifu, right? Here’s the list of attending exhibitors and booths:

No photo description available.
AMG 2019 Artist Alley Booth Directory (Source: AniManGaki Facebook Page)
AMG 2019 Floor Plan & Exhibition List (Source: AniManGaki Facebook Page)

Be respectful and mind boundaries

Conventions are thrilling places to hang out with friends and even make new ones. Meeting new people that share the same interest with you can be pretty exciting, but don’t get carried away.

AMG 2018 (Source: AniManGaki’s Facebook Page)

Remember that strangers have boundaries. Don’t be rude when asking cosplayers for photos. If in cases where they decline, respect their wish. Just be respectful to each other in general. In a scenario where there’s crowd, don’t be pushing or shoving. Everyone’s there to have a good time!

That’s pretty much it! We’ll share the schedule with you once we get it so you can plan our your activities. Be sure to check AniManGaki’s official website to stay updated! If you wish you volunteer for booths or cosplay, everything can be found on the site. See you there at AniManGaki 2019!

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