AniManGaki 2019: The Great Sticker Hunt Quickguide

by Sammy Chan
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For the past few days, we’ve been telling you about how lit AniManGaki 2019 is going to be. But here, it’s about to get even better. What if we tell you they’re giving away RM 350++ worth goodie bags? I don’t know about you but I’m about to hunt all these stickers.

There are a total of 14 stops you need to make. Some are on the second floor. Once you get there you’ll need to perform their mission before you can get your stickers. For now, we don’t know the missions yet. But, we’ll help you figure out the route!

Start on second floor!

Since the second floor is a lot smaller, we suggest starting there first. You’ll to do those missions without possibly having to wait in line. Here are the booths you need to get stickers from on the second floor:

  • Scale Modelers Malaysia
  • PLAY Exhibition
Second Floor Floor Plan (Source: AniManGaki 2019 Booklet)

Just head to the back of the second floor and you’ll see them! Since the PLAY Exhibition is rather big and it isn’t really a booth, you might want to keep your eyes peel for the person that’ll give you mission. And that, is all the more reason to get second floor stickers first. The person in charge would probably be easier to spot when there are less crowd.

First floor here we go!

So pretty much the rest of the participating booths are in the Main Hall – where the crowd will be. There are a total of 12 stamps you need from the first floor, here’s a map:

First Floor Floor Plan (Source: AniManGaki 2019 Booklet)

So here are the booths you need to visit for the first floor:

  • Takaro Boardgame Cafe – 2
  • ToGather Island – 7
  • Gempak Starz – 11
  • Sakura Malaysia – 12
  • Jantzen – 16
  • SUPA DUPA Circus – 17
  • The Magic Rain – 38
  • Wonderfly – 51
  • World of Buzz – 52
  • Artist Hub Malaysia – 53
  • Sunway Lagoon – 54
  • ATO Online Store

We suggest going around the booth on the stage side when there are no performances. Also don’t block the entrance when you go to the Sunway Lagoon booth since it’s right by it.

There are limited quantity to redeem so make sure to come early! Once you’ve collected all the stickers, bring it to the AMG counter for redemption. We know the goodie bag is super enticing, but remember to not get in the way of other people, especially blocking a walkway. Everyone’s here to have a good time!

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