AirAsia Saiyan drop all players from its official roster

by Yong Chi Winn
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Touted as the best Mobile Legends team in Malaysia, AirAsia Saiyan has reportedly dropped six of its member. The announcement was made public on their Facebook page yesterday. Players on the main roster will be replaced with members. These players include Fredo, Soloz, Rush, Gripex, Logan, and Penjahat. On top of that, team manager Jinzy will also be leaving the organization.

Feeling pressured to play

According to ASYN General Manager, Jeffery Chan, the players felt pressured having to play under a big brand. Earlier this year in March, AirAsia acquired the team. Initially known as Team Saiyan the team was subsequently rebranded to AirAsia Saiyan.
Besides the pressure, several members pointed out that they would rather focus on streaming. When it comes to the Mobile Legends esport scene, it is definitely still in the stage of infancy. There simply isn’t enough big tournaments around. Basically, pro players are struggling to sustain their daily lives especially those in the Mobile Legends scene. Due to lack of opportunities, most of them turn to live streaming. They get deals that earn them way more than what they would make as pro players. So it’s really no surprise some of them choose to go this path.

As for the rest, they simply just want a long break from the competitive scene. Having competed actively for the past eight months, the core members were feeling burnout. Despite their active contracts, the management decided to release the players so they could forge their own path moving forward.
In terms of the state of the team moving forward, Hawkeye will be working on rebuilding the new roster. They may possibly just acquire existing players or do a tryout session. The management has not put out an official statement regarding that just yet. Rest assured we’ll keep you updated once we get hold of more information!

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