Here's 5 horror games to revisit in 2018

by Sammy Chan
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It is now October, you know what that means? Halloween is near so it is the time of year to indulge ourselves in creepy and scary stuff. What’s a better way to spend our horrific month with some horror games. Here are our picks for 5 horror games to revisit in 2018.

Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly

5 horror games to revisit

Screengrab via Fatal Frame Wikia

Let’s start off with a classic back from the PlayStation 2 era. Playing through Fatal Frame 2 is really taxing for the heart as well as the mind. You protagonist is trapped in the haunted town searching for her twin. The area is filled with ghosts which sometimes you can’t even see. The worst part is, your only means of self-defense is a freaking camera. The game is played in a third-person perspective and turns into first-person when you are using the camera to snap photos of the ghosts. If you haven’t played Fatal Frame 2, this is one of those classic masterpieces you have to try. Don’t have a PlayStation 2? Hit up an emulator!


5 horror games to revisit

Screengrab via Red Barrel Games

When I first played Outlast, it really reminded me of Fatal Frame. You start the game as a journalist entering an insane asylum with just a night vision camera. The difference is you’re not going to be snapping photos of ghosts. Technically, you don’t have any weapons in the game. The camera is there to help you see in the dark with its night vision feature. But, you will need to conserve the battery. If your camera runs out of battery, you are going to have one hell of a time running from whatever horrors in the asylum. The game is all about watching your surrounding, hiding and running – run Forrest, run!

Dead Space

5 horror games to revisit

Screengrab via EA Dead Space

If you are looking for some Sci-Fi horror, then the Dead Space series is a good title to dive yourself into. The game takes place on a spaceship. It does have somewhat of the Alien movie vibe. You play as Isaac who is the engineer on the ship. Take on the zombie-aliens aboard the ship using your trusty plasma cutter! Dead Space feels good to play since you have a way to defend yourself. The gruesome part is, you need to dismantle the body parts of all the dead bodies as well as those Necromorphs. If not, they will be coming back to chase you. Plus, those creepers are not easy on the eye – literal nightmare fuel.

Until Dawn

5 horror games to revisit

Screengrab via Until Dawn Wikia

Until Dawn isn’t your regular horror game. This is a decision-based story game where your decisions will determine the outcome at the end. If you are familiar with movie titles such as Scream, Friday the 13th, and I Know What You Did Last Summer – this game has the same foundation as these movies. They all have a group of teens somewhere having fun when suddenly something bad happens, basically. Visually, the game looks stunning with very good acting to back it up. Oh, and the game has some amazing jump scares that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat.

Resident Evil

5 horror games to revisit

Screengrab via Shacknews

The Resident Evil series has been around for a very long time. Well known for heart-wrecking, terrifying moments in the game. Most people would have their personal favorite from the series but here’s our recommendation: Resident 7: Biohazard. Being the latest installment the game did very well in creating a new gameplay in comparison to its predecessors. Instead of the usual third-person gameplay, Resident Evil 7 serves horror to the player in the form of first-person, making it all up close and personal. Extra horrifying. The game is also available in VR form if you want some even “realer” horror. With Capcom releasing the remake of Resident Evil 2 next year, now is a good time to delve back in on the series! Though connected in the same universe, you don’t really need to play the previous titles to enjoy the next so feel free to start anywhere in the series.

Those were our 5 horror games to revisit and here are some notable titles to see as well:

  • Dreadout
  • Araya
  • HomeSweetHome
  • Alien Isolation
  • Amnesia
  • Silent Hill
  • Five Night at Freddy’s

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Montana 27/12/2018 - 5:19 pm

Awesome, horror games are my favorite. Thanks for this 😀 outlast is my fav

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