Great news for Aeria Games players! You can purchase 11600 Aeria Points for just USD90 from SEA Gamer Mall now! Get it while stocks last!

Important Note:

SEA Gamer Mall reserves the right to turn of the deal at its own discretion.

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About SEA Gamer Mall

The SEA Gamer Mall ( founded by professional gamers in August 2007, providing online gaming related products and value-added services. Since its official establishment in 2007,SEA Gamer Mall has been gathering precious experience and tremendous growth and progress.

We adopt B2C in dealing directly with gamer worldwide. We range selective products, with free customization, specific pricing and secured swiftness as our core objectives, to supply personalized service and products to worldwide game players.

SEA Gamer Mall is committed to build a better global gamer service platform, striving towards product diversification and service personalization to the fulfillment of game players’ needs, and hence the total enjoyment of gaming pleasures!

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