DivoSaga Version 2.1

DivoSaga version 2.1 updates comes with one major change which is Sky Castle map. The new map "Sky Castle", a new scene, is a place gather with power of holy and the Evil is unable to take any step closer to this place.

DivoSaga Season 2 God Revolution

DivoSaga God Revolution Season 2 has begin, battle with the honor of Divo, who will be the last man on the stage of this Season 2 God Revolution? The honor and rewards are awaiting you!

MMOG.asia《寻龙记》- 职业介绍 「龙胆」

《寻龙记》是一款以中国上古神话为依托的史诗级3D MMORPG网游。吸取了传统MMO的游戏特点,通过对玩法上的诸多改进和创新,配以多样化的副本活动玩法,激烈的BOSS战,丰富多彩的活动内容,创造出不同于以往公式化升级模式的全新游戏体验。 寻龙记官方网站 http://dragon.mmog.asia/ 

DOTA 2: The First Blood Update

DOTA 2 fans should rejoice and be excited with The First Blood Update! DOTA 2: The First Blood Update will enable LAN mode where up to 9 players can play together via your home network or cyber cafe. This is one of the most requested feature in countries where internet connection is not fast enough.

Killing Monsters in Diablo III is the way to go. Blizzard is shutting down...

"At the core of the Diablo experience is a promise of killing monsters, killing demons," says Mosquiera in the video. "The auction house just made that experience too convenient and really short-circuited our core reward loop." Mosquiera's predecessor Jay Wilson also had little love for the auction house system.

Drakensang Online published by Friendster entered OBT

Enter this world and begin your Hero adventure throughout the regions of Duria. Experience stunning 3D graphics and effects as you navigate the complex world of terror. Come across dangerous creatures and learn to harness your character's unique skills and talents in a seemingly never-ending battle for freedom. This free-to-play, no download required online browser game guarantees endless hours of solid gameplay.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls expansion is officially announced at Gamescom 2013

Diablo III game director Josh Mosqueira has just revealed all the new details of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls expansion during Blizzard Press Conference at the Gamescom 2013 in Germany.

CROSSFIRE SEA: Elite Stars Project

In conjunction with the launching of CROSSFIRE SEA in Singapore and Malaysia, SmileGate SEA is organizing the “ELITE STARS PROJECT” a Showcase Clan War with a pool of cash prize worth RM 25,000.

Diablo 3 expansion Reaper of Souls coming soon?

Blizzard's new teaser page for Diablo 3 site looks very much likely that an expansion called 'Reaper of Souls'.

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