Cubizone has announced that Yulgang 2 SEA Open Beta will begins at 3pm on January 14, 2014. Are you guys excited?

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Below is the announcement made by Yulgang 2 SEA team on Facebook.


With the ending of CBT today, January 2, 2014, we would like to send our warmest thanks to all the players who participated in the Closed Beta Testing of Yulgang 2 Southeast Asia. Your bug reports, suggestions, feedbacks and event participation will go a long way in making Yulgang 2 SEA the best that it can be!

We greatly appreciate everyone’s participation in our Closed Beta Testing phase! Here’s a quick list of facts –
1. As previously announced, all server data will be wiped at the end of Closed Beta. This includes characters, items, money, and all other data on the server. There will be no wipeout anymore on Open Beta Phase.

2. All CBT Event Prizes will be inserted before Yulgang 2 SEA OBT is up to the public.

3. Item Mall will be made available in Yulgang 2 SEA come Open Beta. You can shop in the Item Mall for items you can use to enhance your in-game experience.

4. Don’t delete your client/installer of Yulgang 2 SEA as the same client shall be used for the opening of Open Beta Phase. Furthermore, account registration and Yulgang 2 SEA Activation are now open to public! You may now register an account as early as now without the hassle of acquiring CBT Keys! You may now use the following links below to download and register an account:

Registration Guide:

Any other questions, comments, concerns, feedback, praise, opinions, thoughts, or criticisms to share? We encourage everyone to use our helpdesk and forums to let us know!


Get ready to experience a new level of adventure at the Open Beta Testing of Yulgang 2 SEA this January 14, 2014 at exactly 3:00pm (GMT+8)! New allies, new rivalries, and more opportunities are waiting for you! We hope you had fun and gain enormous game knowledge testing out the Closed Beta of Yulgang 2 SEA.

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