Wild Rift Patch 2.5: Updates & Guild System Explained!

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Riot is bringing the heat with the upcoming Wild Rift Patch 2.5!

New Champions

There will be three new champions released through Wild Rift Patch 2.5. Veigar, a Mid Laner, will be released later this month. Next, Caitlyn, a Dragon Laner, releases in November. Lastly, Jayce, a Baron or Mid Laner, releases in December. These champions function identically to their League of Legends counterparts, with some minor optimizations for the mobile platform. For example, there is an indicator

Guild System

The biggest feature of the patch will be the Guild system. Specifically, it is a new way to play with your friends and earn exclusive guild rewards in Wild Rift. To create a Guild, your account needs to be level nine or higher. Then you can buy a Guild Token from the store, which costs 400 Poro Coins or 200 Wild Cores. Once you use it, you’ll get a prompt to create your Guild, where you can customize the Guild name, labels, icon and more.

wild rift latest patch 2022

Guilds act as a hub for members to share and react to each other’s best Wild Rift moments. There is also a guild chat where members can communicate and organize teams for your next queue. Playing with your fellow guild members will net you extra blue motes, XP, and exclusive guild perks and rewards.

The most exciting activity that guilds can participate in, however, is definitely the new Guild-vs-Guild (GvG) battle system. Guilds will randomly face against another in this weekly event. After that, they must compete to get the most supplies. To earn supplies, you need to complete certain quests alongside your other guildmates. Meanwhile, members in the guild will be randomly assigned as Armed and Unarmed. Unarmed members will have to play alongside Armed members to partake in missions and become Armed. The more Armed players in the guild, the more supplies they will earn at the end of the event.

Lastly, each Friday, the Guild with fewer supplies will have the opportunity to sabotage the opposing Guild. To do this, they have to play matches with a full team of five Guild members. Likewise, the opposing Guild can do the same to defend themselves.

Participants will be able to earn exclusive GvG rewards. Examples are new guild customizations, cosmetics, Poro Coins and Team Boosts. Takedown your opponents each week to earn that sweet, sweet loot!

Dragons This Way Cometh

Coming alongside Wild Rift Patch 2.5 is the new Dragonmancer skin line and event. Specifically, the Champions to get a skin are Kai’Sa, Master Yi, Brand, Aurelion Sol, and Ashe.

Other Skins

Also coming in Wild Rift Patch 2.5 are a bunch of other skins. First, there’s a minor Oriental theme in Divine Sword Irelia, Valiant Sword Riven, and Splendid Staff Nami. Next, there’s the spooky Bewitching Janna and Underworld Wukong. Lastly, there’s Solar Eclipse Leona, Headhunter Caitlyn, and Superb Villain Veigar. Interestingly, Riot did not reveal Jayce’s release skin yet.

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Other than that, the upcoming Wild Pass will feature Hexplorer Tristana.

Map Changes, Matchmaking, and QoL Updates

Map changes

New Scrybloom on ARAM, Image courtesy of Riot

For map changes, the Rift Herald will spawn a second time before Baron appears. In order to do that, Baron’s first appearance will be delayed. On top of that, the Rift Herald will deal significantly more overall damage. This will put another viable team objective on the map besides Dragon. Meanwhile, Howling Abyss will have a Scryer’s Bloom added in the middle of the map.

New matchmaking icon, Image courtesy of Riot

Matchmaking will now use your matchmaking ratings instead of your rank. This change intends to make matches fairer overall. That is to say, players may sometimes see a wider rank gap in their matches now. However, when this happens, a new icon will appear on lower-ranked players loading cards to indicate that they are playing at a skill level above their rank.

Skin sharing screen

In-game Twitch Streaming button

New Quality of Life changes, Image courtesy of Riot

Lastly, there are a few quality-of-life changes. First, the share screen is getting a visual upgrade. Most importantly, the upcoming Twitch integration will allow you to stream from within the in-game client without needing third-party software.

To see these skins come to life, you could check out the Patch 2.5 Preview video here.


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