Wild Rift K/DA Event Rewards and Missions | What You Need to Know

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League of Legends released the new K/DA music video “More” to kick off their latest Wild Rift limited-time event. Here’s a look at the rewards and highlights of the new Wild Rift event, as well as a guide to completing the KDA event missions. Be mindful, the Wild Rift KDA event is time segmented by “Moments” and will end November 26, 2020. Though you need not to worry. Even if you missed the first few days, you can still partake in the event, though you may be pressed for time to get all of the rewards.

k/da wild rift

Boot up the game, take a complimentary quiz. You will get recommended an idol. The recommendation is optional, as you can choose whichever idol you want and will subsequently affect which icon reward you will unlock. However, bear in mind that once you lock in your idol, you cannot change. Don’t be afraid to commit, because you can only unlock the K/DA Wild Rift event missions once you’ve picked an idol.

Source: Official Wild Rift Support, RiotGames

K/DA Wild Rift Event Moments Mission Details

kda event wild rift

Depending on the Idol you choose, you will get different sets of Milestone Missions. The table directly below refers to the general missions and their rewards, while the table after is specific to each idol’s Milestone Mission.

Moment 1 – october 31Rewards
Milestone 1400 Blue Motes
Moment 2 – november 1rewards
Earn 40,000 Gold3 XP Boosts
Play 4 games


Win a game with a premade party
250 Blue Motes
Kill 150 monsters with your team25 Poro Coins
Milestone 2400 Blue Motes
mOMENT 3 – NOVEMBER 4rewards
Capture or kill 3 Rift Heralds with your team3 XP Boosts
Play 4 games


Place or destroy 10 wards
250 Blue Motes
Kill 600 minions with your team25 Poro Coins
Milestone 3400 Blue Motes
COMPLETION REWARDK/DA Champion Selection Chest
Kill 5 dragons with your team3 XP Boosts
Play 4 games


Get 15 takedowns
250 Blue Motes
Win 2 games25 Poro Coins
Milestone 4400 Blue Motes
Destroy 10 turrets with your team3 XP Boosts
Play 4 games


Get MVP/SVP 1 time
250 Blue Motes
Kill 3 Barons with your team25 Poro Coins
Play 7 games


Play a game with Akali on your team, play a game with Kai’Sa on your team, play a game with Seraphine on your team, play a game with Ahri on your team, play a game with Evelynn on your team,
500 Blue Motes

Milestone Missions vary according to your stan, so be sure to keep an eye on what the task assigned is.

When Do You Need To Start Playing to Get All the Rewards?

There are 17 different missions spread out through these five moments. The missions only become available one at a time after you complete the mission before it, however. Therefore, you should start playing the missions on November 8, at least 17 days before the end of the event.

kda event wild rift

If you’re starting a bit late, not to worry, it’s still worth playing for the bonus Blue Motes and XP Boosts rewards. Additionally, completing Moment 3 will earn you a Champion Selection chest for any K/DA Idol of your choosing. This is a great deal as each champion would cost you 5,500 Blue Motes otherwise. Not to mention, you could unlock Seraphine, who is actually a pretty good all-rounder support champion.

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Have fun in the Wild Rift! You can get a hold of the limited edition K/DA (KDA) Skins by purchasing Wild Cores from SEAGM! For more Wild Rift content, keep it here at SEAGM.

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