Wild Rift Horizon Cup Schedule and Giveaway!

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The Wild Rift Horizon Cup kicks off on November 13 with the Group Stage of the tournament! Before we share the Horizon Cup schedule, here’s a quick rundown of what Horizon Cup is about. Firstly, the 2021 Horizon Cup is the first global tournament for Wild Rift. Secondly, the tournament features ten teams from regions all around the world.  And finally, the international championship will take place over the course of eight days.

The Stars of the Show

As previously mentioned, Horizon Cup 2021 features ten teams that qualified from various major regional tournaments. After that, these ten teams were split into two groups of five: Group A and Group B. Then, they will compete in a single round-robin, where all matches are best-of-3.  Finally, the top 3 from each group will advance to playoffs, with the group champions receiving a bye.

Specifically, the five teams in Group A are Da Kun Gaming, KT Rolster, SBTC Esports, Tribe Gaming, and TSM. Meanwhile, in Group B, the teams are eBRO Gaming, Sengoku Gaming, Team Queso, Team Secret, and ThunderTalk Gaming

Horizon Cup Schedule

Group Stage (Best of 3, broadcast begins at 2AM PT | 6PM GMT +8):

November 13, 2021:

  •  [DKG] Da Kun Gaming vs [SE] SBTC Esports
  •  [EBG] eBRO Gaming vs [TQ] Team Queso
  •  [TS] Team Secret vs [TT] Thunder Talk Gaming
  •  [TSM] TSM vs [TRB] Tribe Gaming

November 14, 2021:

  •  [SG] Sengoku Gaming vs [TT] Thunder Talk Gaming
  •  [RY] Rolster Y vs [SE] SBTC Esports
  •  [DKG] Da Kun Gaming vs [TSM] TSM
  •  [TS] Team Secret vs [EBG] eBRO Gaming

November 15, 2021

  •  [EBG] eBRO Gaming vs [SG] Sengoku Gaming
  •  [TQ] Team Queso vs [TS] Team Secret
  •  [TSM] TSM vs [RY] Rolster Y
  •  [TRB] Tribe Gaming vs [DKG] Da Kun Gaming

November 16, 2021:

  •  [SE] SBTC Esports vs [TRB] Tribe Gaming
  •  [TT] Thunder Talk Gaming vs [TQ] Team Queso
  •  [RY] Rolster Y vs [DKG] Da Kun Gaming
  •  [SG] Sengoku Gaming vs [TS] Team Secret

November 17, 2021:

  •  [TQ] Team Queso vs [SG] Sengoku Gaming
  •  [TT] Thunder Talk Gaming vs [EBG] eBRO Gaming
  •  [SE] SBTC Esports vs [TSM] TSM
  •  [TRB] Tribe Gaming vs [RY] Rolster Y

After Group Stages

As group stages have yet to be concluded, the teams for later matches have yet to be concluded. However, we do know the schedule for when they are going to be broadcast.

November 19, 2021

  • Quarterfinals (Best of 5, broadcast begins at 2AM PT | 6PM GMT +8)
  • Total of two matches

November 20, 2021

  • Semifinals (Best of 5, broadcast begins at 2AM PT | 6PM GMT +8)
  • Total of two matches

November 21, 2021

  • Finals (Best of 7, broadcast begins at 4AM PT | 8PM GMT +8)
  • It’s the Finals! One match only!

Southeast Asia 9.6 Million Poro Energy Giveaway!

Additionally in Southeast Asia, we are announcing a 9.6 million Poro Energy giveaway to celebrate the Wild Rift Horizon Cup! 240 lucky winners will be selected each day during selected regional broadcasts open to Wild Rift esports fans in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Vietnam. So remember to tune in on November 13 – 21st to support SBTC Esports and Team Secret representing the SEA region, and see who will be crowned the global champions of Wild Rift Horizon Cup!

9.6 Million Poro Energy Giveaway

9.6 Million Poro Energy Giveaway, Image courtesy of Riot Games.

Each regional broadcast will have 40 winners per day, so remember to tune in on the following channels for a chance to win a set of 5,000 Poro Energy. The broadcast is available in Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin, Tagalog, Thai, and Vietnam.

For more information and the latest updates on Wild Rift Horizon Cup, visit @wildriftesports for the latest updates during the tournament!

Also, you can keep up to date with more Wild Rift news with us here on SEAGM.

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