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League of Legends Wild Rift is a mobile MOBA game that thrives on team composition. You can purchase and unlock Champions from the Collection menu by spending Blue Motes or Wild Cores. Additionally, there are several emotes and accessories you can unlock to personalize your favorite champions via Poro Coins. However, this can be a lengthy process, so here are some things you can do to speed up your grind.

How many Blue Motes You Earn Per Match

– Co-op vs AI intro earns you ~5 Blue Motes
– Co-op vs AI Intermediate earns you around ~11 Blue Motes
– Normal PVP earns you ~15 Blue Motes
– Ranked earns you ~25 (On record we have 28 for a win)

how to unlock champions fast
This is the yield of an Intermediate AI Battle

How Many Matches Do I Have To Play To Unlock A Champion? How Do I Unlock Champions Fast?

Needless to say, earning 15 Blue Motes and 60 XP per ~25 minutes spent in a match is a miniscule amount. It will be a daunting task to save up to 5,500 Blue Motes, which is the price of each character so far. If you do the math, you’d need to grind 367 matches just to unlock a character!

Thankfully, there are other methods to unlock champions fast! You can do so by the following methods:

  1. Do the Tutorials. There are a total of nine (9) tutorials and each nets you 200 Blue Motes and loads of XP.
  2. Level Up. If you expand your activities tab, it shows the reward you get for attaining a certain level. You stop obtaining free Champions at level 10, and gain 1,475 Blue Motes for each level after until level 14.
  3. Open Weekly Chests to obtain Blue Motes, Poro Coins, and XP. You can do so by completing daily and weekly missions shown in your activities tab.
  4. Partake in the “Wild Rift Academy” in the Events tab. Here, you can obtain Blue Motes and XP for completing missions. The missions reset daily so be sure to check in everyday!
  5. There is also the ongoing “Rift-to-Rift” event. It has a basic requirement of playing a set amount of games. Rewards vary from free Champions to Skins, which saves you Blue Motes and Wild Cores.
  6. Take note of rewards sent to your inventory or “Vault”. They may include XP boosts or better yet, Champion chests. If you do get chests, try not to spend them on the ten free Champions the game eventually gives you.
  7. Reach level 10 to unlock “Challenger Missions”. Every week there are three “Standard” missions that contribute to your Weekly Chest (see point 3). One resets everyday once completed but the other two remain there for the rest of the week. By reaching level 10 and unlocking “Challenger Missions”, you get more missions to contribute to your Weekly Chests progression.
wild rift
wild rift

Which Champions Are Free?

Pay attention to what champions unlock for you first ten levels; you wouldn’t want to spend your hard earned Motes on things you would get for free otherwise.

unlock champions fast

The first ten free champions you unlock via levelling up are as follows; the order may be randomized depending on your first free Champion

– Jinx
– Blitzcrank
– Ahri
– Garen
– Master Yi
– Ashe
– Annie
– Vi
– Nasus
– Lux
– Janna

In the early game, it is much more convenient to farm XP rather than Blue Motes due to the lower goal ceiling (grind ~500 XP per level compared to 5,500 Blue Motes), so just keep that in mind before deciding to purchase anyone.

wild rift

TLDR: How To Unlock Champions Fast

Login everyday and do the dailies, weeklies and take note on any events happening. To gauge the scale of things, it’s much easier to meet XP targets instead of Blue Motes. If you’re in a party with friends, make sure to put the XP boost items to good use!

Alternatively, you could also call in sick to work for three days straight and get to the grind, but of course we wouldn’t recommend doing that.

Is there a character (*cough* Yasuo *cough*) that you DESPERATELY need? Don’t worry, you can conveniently purchase Wild Cores from SEAGM to unlock them. Wild Cores are not only used to unlock Champions, but also limited-time event skins. If you find yourself liking the game and want to show your support to the developer, this is the best way to do so.

For more Wild Rift content, keep it here at SEAGM.

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