Riot’s Plans for ARAM – To Return to the Wild Rift in June

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League of Legends’ ARAM recently concluded its first ever playtest in Wild Rift. The test was conducted to test a few aspects of the game mode, namely stability, public enjoyment, and longevity. After a successful month of testing, Riot is glad to announce that the general reception towards ARAM is positive, and may lead to it becoming a permanent game mode. Below are the details of Riot’s report on the popular game mode’s testing.

Wild Rift: ARAM Experimental Findings

Below is a brief summary on the ARAM testing phase.

ARAM IS POPULAR: According to Riot, ARAM contributed to nearly 20% of all games in some regions, exceeding the expectations for an early testing.
GAME LENGTH: Riot targets ARAM to last within the 12 minute range From the testing, they found that the game mode runs a little longer than this. This leads to possibilities of creating even newer game modes to accommodate shorter playtimes. However, it is still too early to conclude anything. 
GAME STABILITY: There are the usual bugs and glitches here and there, but nothing game breaking occurred throughout testing.

Future Improvements

Riot is also planning on implementing some improvements to ensure ARAM and Wild Rift in general becomes the best experience it can be. Among them are tweaks to the game mode’s balance and implementation into the overall game’s ecosystem. 

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In terms of balancing, Riot will look into ARAM-specific item and rune changes and having unique loadouts. Additionally, they are also looking to tweak champions with stealth and invisibility perks. As for ecosystem, Riot says that they “want to make sure ARAM feels more connected to the broader experience of playing the game” and make “playing ARAM feel like it’s a key part of Wild Rift”. 

Thanks to the findings, Riot will be reintroducing ARAM into Wild Rift early June. The upcoming play test will last for another four weeks with new balance tweaks and changes. The upcoming testing session will become an key factor in making the mode a permanent fixture.



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