Why You Should Play Tower of Fantasy

by Taufik_thasfik
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Hey there gamers! It’s been around four months since the release of one of the most awaited games Tower of Fantasy Tanium (TOF) on 10 August 2022. TOF is an open-world MMO gacha game created by Hotta studio a subsidiary of Perfect World company in China. TOF is unique on its own compared to other games due to its vast experience. However, that is not all to see, here are some of the reasons why you should play TOF right now!

Famous Seiyuus Involved

This is one of the most important things, especially to those who love to watch anime and simp for their favorite voice casts! Did you know Hiro Shimono is the one voicing the male protagonist?! He has a lot of notable roles in anime, and he voices Zenitsu from Demon Slayer and Dabi from My Hero Academia. In the case of choosing the female protagonist, it will be Ayane Sakura who voices Uraraka from My Hero Academia and Yotsuba from Quintessential Quintuplets. What’s more, is that Nezuko from Demon Slayer Akari Kito whom rarely speaks in the anime. To add some spice the famous voice actor that voices characters like Kirito, Inosuke is also involved, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka one of the top talented voice actors in the anime industry. You will recognize their characters as you venture your journey into Tower of Fantasy. This is a good thing for all the otakus as you will hear your favorite seiyuus all day long!

Customize Your Characters Freely

The top-notch feature of this game is that you can edit and design how your protagonist will look depending on your creativity! Compared to other open-world games most of the protagonists are set with their fixed design but TOF is a different breed you can showcase your character to be what you want it to look like maybe perhaps from your favorite anime characters.

Fun to Play with Friends

Playing with friends is more fun than playing alone, isn’t it? In this game, up to four friends can explore the world of Aida and even do side quests together! Even more, you can PVP with other people flexing your character’s superiority to your friends! Bet you didn’t expect to be able to play PVP in Tower of Fantasy after Genshin’s 2-year-reign, did you? TOF’s unique combat in tandem with plenty endgame content to keep you and your friends on your toes. In addition to that, you can also use your controller when playing this game either PC or mobile. This can be more relaxing compared to playing with a mouse and keyboard.

A lot of discounts when purchasing Tanium

Finally, you will get a lot of discounts when you purchase Tanium in Tower of Fantasy Tanium on SEAGM! If you do choose to play Tower of Fantasy, Tanium will be essential in becoming a whale carry. You can a decent amount of discount purchasing Tanium compared to other platforms. Not to mention SEA Gamer Mall will have a lot of promotions, especially for new users that use this platform for their digital gaming purchases. A lot of exciting rewards will come so stay tuned for more!

Written by Taufik Hidayat

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