Where to Buy The Cheapest Goddess of Victory Nikke Gems in Singapore

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If the latest Goddess of Victory: Nikke collaboration with hit anime Chainsaw Man has your interest, worry not! This is the best, most secure and cheapest way to buy Nikke Gems in Singapore (and worldwide actually).

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Goddess of Victory: Nikke is a single-hand risqué anime shooter by Korean studio Shift Up. It focuses on your character, the Commander, reclaiming a post-apocalyptic Earth overrun by the Raptures, a species of mechanical aliens. With a strong focus on plot, character development and intense fanservice on top of compelling gameplay, Nikke would proceed to generate $US70 million its first month of release.

Where and How to Buy The Cheapest Goddess of Victory Nikke Gems

While you can purchase Nikke Gems directly in-game, SEAGM offers a cheaper solution for direct top-up. There is a wider range of denominations available as well. You can recharge as little as 6 Gems for S$0.15 opposed to the minimum of 320 Gems available in-game.

Nikke Gem DenominationPrice SEAGM Price After Discount
6 GemsS$ 0.15S$ 0.15
60 +1 GemsS$ 1.28S$ 1.22
120 + 3 Gems S$ 2.56S$ 2.43
320 + 10 GemsS$ 6.45S$ 6.13
720 + 120 GemsS$ 12.93S$ 12.28
1500 + 260 GemsS$ 25.88S$ 24.59
2300 + 400 GemsS$ 38.59S$ 36.66
2370 + 420 Gems S$ 40.15S$ 38.14
4200 + 1000 GemsS$ 72.27S$ 68.66
6200 + 1500 Gems S$ 103.36S$ 98.19

In order to purchase the cheapest Goddess of Victory: Nikke Gems SEAGM has to offer you only need to provide your Player ID, Server, and Character Name. NEVER give out your password to anyone. SEAGM Customer Service will not ask you for your password.

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