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by Bradley Tan
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If you’re a JRPG fan, chances are you’ve enjoyed… or at least heard of the Fire Emblem series. Fire Emblem Engage is the latest instalment and one that can be deduced to whether you like it a lot or it’s just plain boring- especially if you’re not into the classic JRPG games or tactical games.

With so many JRPGs in the market today, it is definitely difficult to pick one to play, let alone your favourite. And I know what you’re thinking, with so many Fire Emblem games out, should you play the previous instalments first? Well, you don’t have to if time isn’t in your favour. Engage takes place sometime after the events of Three Houses but it doesn’t mean that it’s a sequel.  It’s like a standalone game that you can jump in immediately.

Engage lets you control a squad of characters with unique abilities and stats. From there, players will have to come out with strategies to try their best to outmanoeuvre the enemies on a grid-based battlefield. As you progress through the game, you’ll get to interact with and build relationships with your friends. This can lead you to many interesting and dramatic twists and turns.

Engage incorporates the classic JRPG turned base style that makes us reminisce over some of the classic Final Fantasy games. The gameplay is challenging and the story is compelling enough for you to care about the characters and events that’s happening. And if you’re a fan of Fire Emblem, it’s definitely a game you need to play at least once. Overall it’s definitely an 8 or solid 9/10 game for sure.

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Caught your attention yet? But, why should you get Fire Emblem Engage at full price? You can get SEAGM way below the retail price.

For one, you can get MyNintendo Gold Points. Secondly, if you’re thinking of getting a secondhand physical copy, you may have to take a risk of whether it’s still good or playable, and what if it works for others and not for you? You, will likely lose your investment on the physical copy and have to pay extra for the digital copy. Apart from that, if you’re buying the physical copy online, there’s also a risk of the delivery doesn’t come or that it comes to you, damaged. So, why not skip the hassle altogether and shop for Fire Emblem Engage for cheap at SEAGM!

FIRE EMBLEM ENGAGE – 10 Cheapest Currencies Around The World

Hong KongHKD 429.00
AustraliaAUD 79.95
Poland249,80 zł
Sweden599,00 kr
New ZealandNZD $89.95
Norway589,00 kr


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