What You Need to Know About ESL Mobile Open 2021: Malaysia Playoffs

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With the buzz on the upcoming Wild Rift SEA Championship 2021, all eyes are on our local teams during ESL Mobile Open 2021 Fall: Malaysia. Which team will earn the glory to pitch themselves against the best in all of Southeast Asia? Here’s everything you need to know about the ESL Mobile Open 2021: Malaysia playoffs!

What We Know So Far

Eight teams went into a Best-of-3 Round Robin during the group stage from July 12th till August 9th. These teams are Berjaya Dragons, Geek Fam, SEM9, UndeRank, SDGR EA EBLZ, Splatzone Insomniax, Silent Killer and Assassin Academy.

After the dust had settled, Berjaya Dragons were at the top of the leaderboard. Following after is SDGR EA EBLZ, UndeRank and SEM9, in that order. These four teams have now advanced to the playoffs.

Image via ESL Malaysia

The Last Chance Qualifiers

For the bottom 4 teams that didn’t make it, there was still the Last Chance Qualifier to go through. Splatzone Insomniax, Geek Fam, Silent Killer and Assassin Academy went through a Best-of-5 Single Elimination. Geek Fam was able to pull off a resounding victory against the other teams. They managed to win 3-0 in the finals against Splatzone Insomniax, giving them the fifth slot in the playoffs.

What’s Next for ESL Mobile Open 2021: Malaysia Playoffs?

The four teams from group stage, alongside Geek Fam (from the Last Chance Qualifiers), will pit themselves against each other in Double Elimination format. All games will be Best-of-5, except the grand finals, which will be Best-of-7. The playoffs will start on August 27th and end on August 29th. 

Image via Liquipedia

5 teams will be competing for the right to enter the Wild Rift SEA Championship 2021, as well as the lion’s share of the RM60,000 prize pool. The champion of ESL Mobile Open will proceed to the SEA Championship group stage, whereas the runner up will enter the play-ins.

You can watch the ESL Mobile Open 2021: Malaysia Playoffs live on ESL’s Facebook or YouTube pages.

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