Voting’s now open for SEAGM in the SOBA 2021 BEST IN CUSTOMER SERVICE AWARD

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Voting’s now open for SEAGM in the SOBA 2021 BEST IN CUSTOMER SERVICE AWARD at SOBA 2021. SEAGM is indeed proud to be shortlisted in the above RM 25 million sales revenue turnover enterprise for the SOBA awards, Best In Customer Service Award category.  The SOBA 2021 Best in Customer Service Voting Campaign is organized by STAR MEDIA GROUP BERHAD.

SEAGM’s Head of Customer Service Department in both Malaysia and Thailand office, Ling Chi Long said,

“This will be the second year in running where SEAGM is participating in the SOBA Awards. In fact, we won the SOBA Best In Customer Service Award in 2020. Another win this year will mean that SEAGM has triumphed in two consecutive years.”

Ling Chi Long – SEAGM Head of Customer Service, Malaysia & Thailand

SEAGM is the Best In Customer Service

At SEAGM, customer service represents the image of our company. This means, our level of customer service reflects directly on our company’s vision, mission, culture, and values. In addition, customer service also represents our product, services, and brand to the customers and ultimately influences customers’ satisfaction.
Chi Long added, “In customer service, we attach great importance to customer satisfaction. In return, this undoubtedly represents our customer service’s quality and attitude as well.”

Service expectations

In the age of the internet, smartphones are already a necessity for everyone. To elaborate, we have nearly 80% of users from mobile devices. This means, users will purchase or reach our support anytime and anywhere as long as they have internet access. Also, SEAGM provides Live chat services, 24/7 for the whole year. With the exception of the greetings, Live Chats are all human replies. Therefore, not only is  the reply speed fast (Ave 23sec), also 5 different languages are provided (English, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, and Thai).

All customers expect an unbelievably good customer experience. A powerful customer-centric culture is where instant resolutions of issues are the norm. Hence, a business leaves itself vulnerable to the wrath of angry customers. Successful candidates with competencies such as adaptability, flexibility (shift hours) and understanding on the nature of the job are important. To achieve that, precision candidate selection process is necessary.

Live Chat Performance Report

Sample 1: Customer Feedback

Sample 2: Customer Feedback


Customer’s Reviews

Consumers are now no stranger to customer reviews, also they aren’t restricted online and can share their purchase experiences as they want to. Thus, we have accumulated a lot of customer reviews which we hit with a 4.7/5 rating score at and 4.6/5 rating score at Google Play. The result of the customer reviews gained a lot of trust and visibility for the new users. Besides, SEAGM typically replies to all the reviews within 24 hours. In addition, our PIC will also resolve the problem or make improvements


Example of SEAGM Customer Reviews on Trustpilot

This will be the second win for SEAGM

SEAGM may well likely witness its second win in the SOBA 2021 Best in Customer Service award. This is so as SEAGM was the winner of the same award category in the SOBA 2020 achievement. To win in the same category for another year, will mark an honorable victory to SEAGM.


The Significance of SOBA

The Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA), for over a decade, stands out among the plethora of available Business Awards, as it has been lauded for its Credibility in Honoring the Best in Businesses. SOBA stays true to its principles in upholding stringent independent judging, duly audited by an External Audit party to rightfully award deserving SME champions in their own categories of expertise. SOBA encourages businesses to achieve new milestones & push the boundaries in achieving greater heights

The awards are further sub-categorized into enterprises that have sales turnover of up to or above RM25 million respectively. In addition to the existing SOBA Awards, this year we are introducing 2 new categories namely, Best in Customer Service, which will recognize companies providing exemplary services to their clients and Best in Retail will acknowledge and promote inspiring and innovative retailers across the country. These award categories have been tailored to portray the feel of the current times and trends, and will ultimately represent the proud achievements of outstanding companies. At its core, SOBA recognizes the important role local businesses play towards the building up of our nation, whichever space in the revenue spectrum that they occupy.

Vote Now for SEAGM

Please cast your votes for SEAGM in the Best In Customer Service Award Category here: SOBA 2021

About The Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA)

The Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA) bestow unparalleled recognition on the exceptional achievements of the nation’s finest SMEs. Advancing in its 12th year to honor local non-public listed organizations that have led the way with excellent business principles, ethics and practices. SOBA winners are testaments of high achievement and serve as a benchmark for others to emulate. The awards are The Star’s efforts in recognizing up-and-coming enterprises and their contributions towards the Malaysian economy. In view of the Government’s commitment in developing homegrown enterprises, SOBA seeks to inspire and encourage local businesses to promote Malaysia and showcase its products and services to the world.


SEA Gamer Mall Sdn Bhd, SEAGM is an established international digital goods and services e-commerce platform company for global gamers, game developers and publishers. With several offices worldwide in Malaysia, China and Thailand, SEAGM is the gamer‘s choice for online game top-ups & digital goods.

SEAGM has successfully developed a digital goods e-commerce and online game payment platform ( and a digital goods marketplace platform ( from the

ground up. With many projects along and successful collaborations and partnerships in place, SEAGM is set to achieve greater milestones as the company makes its mark in the gaming industry globally. Read the latest on SEAGM news updates here.

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