Valorant Brings Big Changes To Its Most Controversial Map, Icebox.

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Valorant recently updated its arguably most hated map “Icebox” and brings with it significant changes that make it easier (and fairer) to take Sites. The changes are most notable on A-Site’s Nest as well as B-site’s Yellow, decreasing the drastic differences in verticality of the landmarks.

Valorant Map Icebox Changes for a Better Gameplay Experience

On the A-side, the most notable change is at Nest. The height is significantly lower to match the level of Defender side Rafters. This way, less crosshair displacement is required in order to clear enemies. Ultimately, it nods towards needing significantly less skill to hold the Site. This, however, isn’t a negative change. Many players, including professionals, have expressed their disdain regarding Icebox’s complexity pre-update.

Additionally, Nest now has a connecting ramp instead of a drop-down providing cover. This eliminates the camping spot for Defenders. Instead, there is now a permeable screen to glimpse at any ongoing movement at the Nest.

On Site itself, there are two changes. One to the corner “Double” box, which is now a smaller item which leaves room for crouch headshot-only cover. The other is the slanted Wall, which was previously a stark 90-degree cover. The change will make it less work for Attackers to clear the corner, but still provide Defenders ample cover.

valorant map icebox changes

Listen I’m trying REALLY hard to not burden the Image Editor, take note of top right and bottom left images.

Icebox B-Site Changes

The most notable change on B-site is the change of the towering Yellow’s height. It has been significantly reduced similar to how A Nest’s level has been lowered. It reduces the necessary skill required to eliminate enemies by reducing the amount of crosshair movement needed, but once again isn’t necessarily negative as the initial state was extremely challenging to deal with.

Yellow now only requires one Updraft by Jett to climb, and provides significantly less cover from all angles thanks to the reduced height.

This isn’t the first time Riot has made a stark change to a map. Split’s mid segment had significantly from it’s Beta version to it’s final release. For more on Valorant, stick to SEAGM News.

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