Here’s a Leaked Look at the New Valorant Agent, Yoru

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With Valorant introducing Episode 2 next week, there are high expectations on its upcoming stealth duelist agent, Yoru. Clips of his abilities are circulating online, in addition to sneak peaks at the upcoming Episode 2: Act 1 battle pass. Here’s brief look and an overview guide on the upcoming Yoru agent abilities.

The New Valorant Agent, Yoru, is a Duelist

Yoru is a duelist. By nature, he is meant to secure entry frags and kills. Unlike the previous new agents, like Skye and Killjoy before him, Yoru does not seem to be for newer players. While Skye and Killjoy have abilities that focus on utility to primarily assist their teammates, Yoru’s abilities are more suited for giving him an advantage in chaotic gunfights.

new valorant agent

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Unfortunately, the leaks are in Russian and there aren’t many accurate translations available. Therefore, some of the info may be off, but it should capture the general idea of things. Additionally, the abilities aren’t by default controls, so bear that in mind. We’ll be making assumptions of their default binds by comparing to agents that are already available.

yoru abilities
Anyone care to translate in the comments? I’ll love you to death


Yoru Abilities

Footsteps (Cost: 100 Credits)

This ability was teased in early Act III on the Icebox map. Trigger a set of forward-moving footsteps to misdirect the enemy. You can use it twice per round. They can be immediately set off with “Fire”, or otherwise set preemptively with “Alt-Fire” to be triggered when convenient. In lower level plays, players may not take to high of an account of the role sound plays, but this will definitely raise paranoia in higher elos. The Footsteps can also go trigger Bind teleporter cues, misleading defenders to think you’ve made a rotation.

Pair two footsteps and Omen’s teleport, you’ll definitely have the enemy in a bind. Haha get it? Someone please play with me.

By default, this might bind to “C”.

Rebound Flash (Cost: 200 Credits)

This particular flash differs from Skye’s controllable Hawks and Phoenix’s straightforward Curveballs. This is a personal observation but the flash triggers approximately 1 second after bouncing off a surface. If the flash does not bounce off a surface within 2 seconds of being fired then it will not trigger.

I tried recording the time taken for the flash to trigger in the leaks and it averages from 0.88 to 0.95 seconds after bouncing off a surface. This is the data off of six recording attempts. Factoring in human error it could be anywhere from 0.9~1 second, but these are just assumptions and could change with the final release anyways.

I would say that this flash is most similar to Breach’s if not a bit more flexible. While Breach’s flash is used to aggressively push corners, Yoru’s flash seems to be more balanced between an offensive and defensive tool. The one second wall buffer will require players to make a more calculative approach.

Flash binds to “Q” by default, and can be purchased twice.


This is the move that has professional players and analysts in a bit of a panic. The teleport ability binds to “E” and is the free ability that recharges after two kills (similar to Jett’s “Dash” and Raze’s “Paint Shells”).

Equip the teleport ability with “E”, then either FIRE to summon a teleportation point in straight forward motion, or ALT-FIRE to summon a stationary teleportation point. Before the timer expires, hit “E” again to teleport back to the teleportation point. Think Phoenix Ult minus the second chance at life.

Free ability, use once, recharges after two kills.


The Ult requires seven charges. Once activated, Yoru enters an interdimensional rift (I’m guessing) for a limited-time and can move around the map invincible and invisible. The new Valorant agent will still remain audible, according to rumors, so enemies can still anticipate your presence.

The Ult has a relatively long start-up and a shorter but still noticeable end-lag, making it susceptible to flanks and ill-timing blunders.

Now while may seem a little underwhelming considering his other abilities, and even more so compared to Reyna’s Ultimate that comes with added Healing, Yoru’s Ult actually works extremely well when used alongside his other abilities. His time-sensitive flashes, get-out-of-jail teleport and misdirecting footsteps when used with his Ultimate may lead to a chaotic frenzy of enemy disarray.

The New Agent of Valorant is still under wraps, officially.

There is no release date as of yet, and while we would like to get him as soon as Episode 2 drops, there is simply no guarantee as of yet. Riot staff have clarified that the next agent is a “lurker-duelist” and it all matches up with Yoru’s leaks, however there has been no big reveal from Riot on Yoru.

You can still prepare for Yoru by purchasing Valorant Points beforehand to get him as soon as he drops! Find out how and if you can buy Valorant Points with Riot Points! Stay tuned for more Valorant with SEAGM News.

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