VALORANT finally releases their first butterfly knife in Recon

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VALORANT is releasing their first butterfly knife in the new Recon skin line, something fans have been hoping to get for a very long time. The military-themed bundle dropped alongside patch 3.04, on 24th August.

Taking after the Infantry skin bundle from back in patch 2.05, the Recon skin line is the second military-themed skin bundle released by VALORANT.

The Sentinels of Light skin bundle in patch 3.02 was quite flashy in design. In contrast, the Recon skin bundle aims for a more grounded, realistic feel, reminiscent of modern shooter games. 

Its designs will be familiar to players who are experienced with military FPS franchises, such as Call of Duty, or Battlefield.

The Recon gun skins offer a more grounded look, Riot Games

The Recon skin bundle has five skin weapons, which are: 

  • Phantom
  • Ghost
  • Spectre
  • Guardian
  • Balisong (Butterfly Knife)

As you can see, four of the weapons receiving skins from the bundle are guns, and the last one is the Balisong. In addition, all skins, have red, green, and blue camouflage variants.

Sean Marino talks about Recon and the butterfly knife

“While the idea of attachments for gameplay purposes didn’t make its way through to the final game, there has always been a select few on the team who really loved the look of grounded military weapons that were kitted out with various attachments,” explained Sean Marino, the Art Lead of VALORANT.

“Recon is our attempt to capture that fantasy of being in a more traditional modern shooter, having a gun that feels more representative of something you might see in modern combat.”

The designers studied videos of butterfly knife tricks to create the Balisong, Riot Games

Meanwhile, VALORANT fans have been asking for a butterfly knife for a long time. The devs have finally delivered that in the form of the Balisong. Moreover, Marino revealed that they included a multitude of tricks in the animations. This was an integral part of making the butterfly knife feel special.

“Recon naturally was one of the more highly anticipated skins we were developing due to the fact that it has a butterfly knife. We always knew that this would be a thing we would give players and it was really incredible to see it all come together with this skin,” Marino said. 

“We spent a lot of time looking at videos of butterfly knife tricks, seeing how other games have implemented them, and really just dug deep into delivering on an awesome experience,”

“Once we had all of the animations in place it was just really fun for everyone to walk around in-game spamming their equips, inspects, and attacks to just watch the knife spin and flip in the character’s hands.”

Taking the grounded look to greater heights in VALORANT

Using Radianite Points (RP) from the Battlepass, players can unlock weapon models, randomized attachments, animations, and more. The randomized attachments will change each time you buy the weapon. You can even refresh the attachments by selling and re-buying them during the same round.

The Recon weapon skins have 4 levels for players to unlock, with the following rewards.

  • Level 1: Custom model and ADS reticle
  • Level 2: Randomized Side Attachments
  • Level 3: Randomized Bottom Attachments 
  • Level 4 – Kill Banner

Meanwhile, the Balisong has two levels to unlock too!

  • Level 1 – Custom Model
  • Level 2 – Custom Animations and Audio

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The Recon weapon skin bundle is a premium edition (PE) tier bundle, and costs 7,100 VALORANT Points (VP). 

Otherwise, you can also purchase the individual weapon skins à la carte, at only 1,775 VALORANT Points per weapon.

Meanwhile, stay up to date with more VALORANT coverage here at SEAGM.

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