VALORANT Reflection Release Date Announced

by Bradley Tan
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A release date for VALORANT ‘s Episode 3 Act 1, titled Reflection, has been announced. Fans were treated to some first looks at the E3 Summer Conference.

Players can expect to receive a new agent, a battle pass and more when the third episode kicks off.

Moreover, the new battle pass will include new weapon skins, gun buddies, player cards and sprays.

VALORANT Reflection Release Date: 22 June

According to art lead, Sean Marino, the inspirations behind the designs of the weapon skins were feedbacks from fans.  He also explained that players have been craving for more lore-based content.

“Players have been asking for more lore-based content. Since it’s been a year since the release of the Kingdom gun skins, we decided to create the K/TAC skins” he said.


Image via VALORANT

Besides that, a Give Back bundle will be made available for fans on the same day. Players can unlock FREE items to celebrate Valorant’s one-year anniversary.

The free pass includes: Year One Gun Buddy, Year One Card , an EP 3 Reflection Card, YR1 and Year One Titles, and 20 Radianite Points.

Introducing VALORANT’s Newest Agent, KAY/O

The newest agent coming to VALORANT is KAY/O, and it looks distinct from the rest of the characters..

According to character producer, John Goscicki, KAY/O was the first Agent that the team started working on after the game was launched. He added that the team wanted to integrate the character to the world of VALORANT more.

How KAY/O Was Created

Game designer for KAY/O, Ryan Cousart and Goscicki explained how KAY/O was created and facts about the character’s downed state:

“With KAY/O our goal was to add something that felt familiar to traditional FPS players, but had elements that made it uniquely fit within VALORANT.”

“…at one point the pitch deck for KAY/O had a gif of flashbangs being thrown in other FPS games. The funny thing is that traditional flash/grenades are actually some of the most complex abilities.” Goscicki said

Additionally, he explained that it depends on how long it takes to lab them properly its variable results.

“An aspiration we have for KAY/O is that players could take some mastery they have acquired from other games.” Cousart explained

“A fun fact about the downed state was that it was something we threw on KAY/O since it was a cool mechanic. When trying to pair down the kit to the core, I remember being in a meeting where we talked and made the call to cut it from the kit but I didn’t have a chance to remove it right away. As a bit of a send-off to the mechanic, I lowered the Ult Points to 5 and we just started doing these “rescue missions” in our design playtest.” 


Additionally, Agent Kay/O will release tomorrow, 22 June

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