VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 Schedule – What You Need to Know

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VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 Schedule

Read on to find out the full VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 schedule!

VALORANT Champions Berlin is right around the corner! All year long, more than 10,000 teams from around the world battled across regional Challengers and international Masters to earn one of the sixteen spots at Champions, the final event of the inaugural season of the 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour. From December 1-12, qualified teams will compete for the Champions trophy and the title of VALORANT World Champion!


VALORANT Champions 2021 Structure

VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 Structure, Source: Riot Games

Champions is also the final event of the 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour and represents the culmination of the competitive VALORANT season. The victorious team will thus write their name in the history books as the first-ever VALORANT Champion.

Stars of the Show

Champions Berlin will be the largest international tournament to date for VALORANT. Each of the seven participating VCT regions qualified teams into the event through three different methods: VCT Points, victory at the final Masters event, and the 4 Last Chance Qualifiers.


VALORANT Champions 2021 Qualified Teams

Qualified Teams, Source: Riot Games

  • EMEA – 4 teams
    • Acend
    • Fnatic
    • Gambit Esports
    • Team Liquid
  • North America – 3 Teams
    • Cloud9
    • Sentinels
    • Team Envy
  • Brazil – 3 Teams
    • Vivo Keyd
    • Furia
    • Team Vikings
  • Korea – 1 Team
    • Crazy Raccoon
  • LATAM – 1 Team
    • KRU Esports
  • SEA – 3 Teams
    • X10 Esports
    • Team Secret
    • Full Sense

Populating the Pool

The tournament will consist of GSL style group play, followed by an eight-team single elimination bracket. Firstly, teams were sorted into four draw pools based on a combination of their respective final placements at Challenger events and the strength of their region.

  • 1st Pool – NA #1, EMEA #1, KR, M3 Winner
  • 2nd Pool – NA #2, EMEA #2, LATAM, BR #1
  • 3rd Pool – NA LCQ, EMEA LCQ, SEA #1, JP
  • 4th Pool – BR 2, SEA 2, SAm LCQ, APAC LCQ

Next, each team in each pool was randomly drawn into one of the four groups (Groups A-D). If at any point a team was drawn into a group that already had a team from their region, then they were placed into the next alphabetically sequential group. If they are the final team to be drawn from their pool, they will be moved backwards through the groups until a valid group is landed on. Once a full pool has been drawn and becomes fully valid, the results of that pool are locked and cannot be moved.

Finally, pool 4 contains 2 Brazil and 2 SEA teams. Also, to avoid conflict, the #1 seeds for BR and SEA cannot place in the same group.

Going To Group Stage


Team Brackets

Team Brackets, Source: Riot Games

During the Group Stage, teams will compete through a four-team, double-elimination bracket to identify two winners from each group. Firstly, teams from Pool 1 will face teams from Pool 4 and teams from Pool 2 will face teams from Pool 3.

After the Group Stage, a random draw will also seed the Knockout Stage. The four teams who will have advanced out of their group in 1st place will be randomly assigned a yet-to-be-determined 2nd place team from a different group. The teams then will play through an eight-team elimination bracket, with the first round seeing teams who placed 1st play against teams who placed 2nd.

Tournament Schedule


VALORANT Champions Tour Tournament Schedule

VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 Tournament Schedule, Source: Riot Games

Additional details about the match schedule will also be posted in the coming days. Follow the below channels to get the latest information on Masters Berlin. Also, for the health and safety of our players, staff, and residents, the event will not be able to accommodate a live audience.

The tournament will be broadcast in many languages and the full list of channels can be found below. Additionally, this is the first VALORANT event streaming on Trovo. Trovo is a video game live streaming platform exiting beta, focused on sharing content and connecting people.

For the latest VALORANT news, keep up to date with SEAGM here!

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