Valorant Battlepass Episode 2 Act 2 Skins and Rewards Highlights

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The Valorant Episode 2 Act 2 Battlepass is currently out now with a fresh lineup of skins. The Valorant battle pass for Episode 2 Act 2 will last for only 55 days starting March 3. It should end around April 30. Each Battlepass takes around 100 hours to complete, so start Ep 2 Act 2’s Valorant Battlepass now! You can get cheap Valorant Points with Riot Points (RP) using the link! It’s also the perfect way to gift skins to your friends.

Check if your Valorant account is eligible to redeem Riot Points here. Without further ado, let’s take a look at Episode 2 Act 2’s fresh Battlepass.

Valorant Battlepass Episode 2 Act II Highlights

In this latest Valorant Battlepass, we get the classy Cavalier skins in addition to the the funky Polyfrog skins and glossy Prism III skins. It follows the trend of previous free battle pass skin themes, where some have altered models, some have excessive decals, and others have multiple Radianite variants.

Below is a list of all the Cavalier, Polyfrog and Prism III cosmetics you can unlock through the Valorant Ep 2 Act II Battlepass:

Skin SetBattlepass Tier
Prism III
ClassicFree Chapter Reward

Valorant Episode 2 Act II New Skins


We’re getting another Operator skin with the Cavalier series. The Cavalier skin set has a unique 3D model render. It appears to have a thinner, sleeker build with wooden decals. It is also complemented with steel plates alongside futuristic blue lighting. Cavalier provides skins for Stinger, Ghost, Vandal, Bucky and Operator.

valorant act 2 battlepass skins
valorant act 2 battlepass skins


The Polyfrog takes on a more casual approach to design. Akin to last season’s “Aerosol”, Polyfrog doesn’t change much in terms of model design, but adds a vibrant marsh color pattern with frog decals. It’s familiar to Episode 1 Act 1’s “Polyfox” series. Could this be indication that there will be more Poly skins on the way? Polyfrog skins the Marshal, Ares, Sheriff and Spectre.

valorant act 2 polyfrog skin
valorant act 2 battlepass skins

Prism III

Prism 3 continues off of Prism and Prism 2, which donned purple and red tints respectively. This iteration of the Prism series introduces an orange tint. Similar to the It has a glossy coat and retains most of the original gun’s 3D model render. Additionally, Prism III can be modified with Radianite variants. This Battlepass provides Prism III skins for the Judge and Odin, as well as the Classic as the Free Chapter Reward. It is also the designated melee skin.

valorant act 2 battlepass skins
valorant prism skin
valorant act 2 battlepass melee skin

Those are only some of the cosmetics available. Aside from skins, the new Valorant Battlepass for Episode 2 Act 2 also features a variety of cute buddies, spray tags and titles! There’s plenty of time left, why not get the Battlepass now? Check out our guide to find out how you can buy Valorant Points with SEAGM.

valorant meme

Additionally, have you taken a look at the new agent Astra? This new Controller agent is innovating the game with her new “Astral Form” feature.

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