Valorant Battlepass Episode 2 Act 1 Skins and Rewards Highlights

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Valorant’s Episode 2 Act 1 Battlepass is currently out now. Valorant Battle Pass Episode 2 Act I will last for only 48 days starting January 13. Each Battle Pass takes around 100 hours to complete, so start Ep 2 Act 1’s Valorant Battle Pass now! You can get cheap Valorant Points with Riot Points (RP) using the link! Perfect chance to gift skins to your friends.

Check if your Valorant account is eligible to redeem Riot Points here. Without further ado, let’s take a look at Episode 2 Act 1’s fresh battlepass.

Valorant Battlepass Episode 2 Act 1 Highlights

In this latest Valorant Battlepass, we get the street-smart “Aerosol” skins alongside the futuristic “Infinity” and “Outpost” skins. It follows the trend of previous free battle pass skin themes, where some have altered models, some have excessive decals, and others have multiple Radianite variants.

Here’s all the Aerosol, Infinity and Outpost cosmetics you can unlock through the Battlepass:

Skin SetBattlepass Tier
Bulldog 1
ClassicFree Chapter 10
Bucky 5

Valorant Episode 2 Act I New Skins


valorant episode 2 skins
new valorant skins

There are five Infinity skins to unlock. Namely Bulldog, Spectre, Guardian, Phantom, and the Classic which is a Free Chapter 10 Reward. It’s meant to futuristic model with unique curvatures and a matte finish, but it honestly looks like a beetle aesthetic with it’s green finish. Infinity skins have Radianite variants similar to the previous “Surge” skins.


valorant skins
all valorant skins

This is a personal favorite of mine. This street smart skin line comes for the arguably best guns in the game; Bucky (yes), Shorty, Operator and Odin! The design boasts spunky graffiti sprays and is colorful. Seeing the lack of Operator love in the previous battlepass makes this all the more exciting.


valorant episode 2 act 1
valorant skins

The Outpost skin is probably the most animated out of the bunch. Not only does it have a blunt, solid yellow appearance, but it’s also complimented with an animated green fluid to match. This could be Viper’s poison infused with the weapon skin. The melee for this season’s battlepass is themed for the Outpost. Though we gotta say, it’s hard to top last season’s Ruin Dagger karambit.

Those are only some of the cosmetics available. The new Valorant Battlepass for Episode 2 Act 1 also features a variety of cute buddies, spray tags and titles! There’s plenty of time left, why not get the Battlepass now? Check out our guide to find out how you can buy Valorant Points with SEAGM.

Additionally, have you taken a look at the new agent Yoru? This stealthy lurker is changing the META of team composition, and is definitely lethal in the hands of a chess player.

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