Valorant Battlepass Act 3 Skins and Rewards Highlights

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Valorant’s Act 3 Battlepass is currently out now. Unlike the previous Act, Valorant Battle Pass Act III will last for around three months starting from October 13. With each Battle Pass requiring an estimated 100 hours to complete, Act 3’s Valorant Battle Pass is worth investing in if you start now.

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Valorant Battlepass Act 3 Highlights

In Act 2’s Battlepass, we got the organic “Hivemind” skins alongside the “Polyfox” and “Red Alert” skins. In Act 3’s Battlepass, however, we are getting three new sets of skins; Ruin, Serenity, and Surge.

Here’s all the Ruin, Serenity, and Surge cosmetics you can unlock through the Battlepass:

Skin Set Battlepass Tier
Marshal 1
Shorty 20
Guardian 30
Vandal 45
Dagger 50
Ghost 5
Judge 15
Phantom 25
Spectre 40
Bucky 10
Classic 16
Stinger 35
Sheriff Chapter 10 Free

Valorant Act III New Skins


There are five Ruin weapon cosmetics to unlock, namely for the Marshal, Guardian, Vandal, Shorty and Dagger. The Ruins are give off the vibes of prestigious class. With what looks to be expensive, solid black leather cushioning, framed with premium gold. Not to mention the jewel red accents to each weapon.

valorant act 3 battlepass

The nuzzles, too, are uniquely crafted. The general structure of the guns makes the weapons look more of something that you would display at a museum rather than an actual weapon.

valorant act 3 skins
valorant new skins


Serenity provides cosmetics for four weapons; Judge, Ghost, Phantom and Scepter. Similar to the Ruin series, Serenity boasts traditional class with golden frames casing each weapon.

valorant act 3

The main component of each weapon looks to be a glossy Jade that bounces light off satisfyingly akin to the Nebula skins.

battlepass act iii


The Surge skins are the most modern-looking of the bunch. With a pink-white-blue palette, Surge gives off an energetic aesthetic. The black keeps the design grounded and boosts the modern feel of the weapon. Filled with erratic streaks and curves, Surge sticks out as the most modern out of the three sets.

They are available for Sheriff, Classic, Bucky, and Stinger.

new valorant skins
valorant battlepass act 3

Those are only some of the cosmetics available. The new Valorant Battlepass for Act 3 also features a variety of cute buddies, spray tags and titles! There’s plenty of time left, why not get the Battlepass now? Check out our guide to find out how you can buy Valorant Points with SEAGM.

Additionally, have you taken a look at the new map Icebox and the new agent Skye? Get familiar; there’s still time before they become available competitively this October 27!

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