Valorant Battlepass Act 2 Skins and Rewards Highlights

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Valorant’s Act 2 Battlepass is currently out now. The Valorant Battle Pass will last for around two months starting from August 4 as per the developers’ quote. With each Battle Pass requiring an estimated 100 hours to complete, Act 2’s Valorant Battle Pass is worth investing in if you start now.

Valorant Battlepass Act 2 Highlights

In the previous Act’s Battlepass, we got sleek black “dot EXE” skins alongside pristine white “Kingdom” skins. In this Battlepass, however, it seems we are getting three sets of skins; Hivemind, Polyfox and Red Alert.

Here’s all the Hivemind, Polyfox and Red Alert cosmetics you can unlock through the Battlepass:

A peek at the New Skins


There are five Hivemind weapon cosmetics to unlock, namely for the Ares, Spectre, Vandal, Shorty and Sword. The Hiveminds are the more unique of the sets, by not only notably altering the colors of the guns but also the structure.

valorant battle pass act 2

As you can see, the Hivemind skins adopts a grey-purple color scheme. Additionally, it has non-polygon structures giving it an organic aesthetic.

new valorant act 2 skins


Polyfox provides cosmetics for five weapons; Judge, Bulldog, Sheriff, and Guardian. Polyfox weapons are similar in structure to the default skins but have a unique orange and white palette applied to them.

valorant pass end date reddit

Additionally, altering the angle of the gun makes it glint in specific areas. You also get a cute little Inari patched on the side!

valorant battle pass rewards
Still the Bulldog… but tilted 😮

Red Alert

Red Alert is striking in design. A bold segment of vibrant red against the plain base of white makes it stand out painstakingly compared to the other skins. Like Polyfox, it is also largely indifferent in terms of structure.

valorant battlepass 2 rewards
This is a personal favorite of mine, but many would disagree

The Red Alert skins also feature a staple emblem embedded to their sides.

valorant battlepass ii rewards
Red Alert Operator was one of the skins showcased in the Act II trailer

Those are only some of the cosmetics available. The new Valorant Battlepass for Act 2 also features a variety of cute buddies, spray tags and titles! There’s plenty of time left, why not get the Battlepass now? Check out our guide to find out how you can buy Valorant Points with SEAGM. Here’s a video of it too:

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