Valorant Battle Pass Episode 4 Act 2 Skins and Rewards Highlights

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The Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 Battle Pass is currently out now with a fresh lineup of skins. The Valorant battlepass for Episode 4 Act 2 will last for only 55 days starting March 2. It should end around April 29. Each Battlepass takes around 100 hours to complete, so upgrade to the premium battle pass now and enjoy a 3% XP boost per game. You can get cheap Valorant Points with Riot Points (RP) with SEAGM’s multi-region service. It’s also the perfect way to gift skins to your friends.

Check if your Valorant account is eligible to redeem Riot Points here. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the new Episode 4 Act 2 Battle Pass.

Three Skin collections will be coming to Valorant’s latest battlepass, namely:

  1. Striker
  2. Divine Swine
  3. Lycan’s Bane


The Striker skin line features basic gun models with sporty decals. It will also be the feature skin line being the Tier 50 melee reward as well as the free chapter reward. Striker provides skins for the Spectre at Tier 10, the Bulldog at Tier 30, Operator at Tier 45, the Melee at Tier 50, with the Classic as the Free Gun for EVERYONE who has completed the pass.

valorant ep 4 act 2 battle pass strikernew striker skinvalorant battlepass striker

Each skin can be upgraded with Radianite to change its Variant and color. Despite the color schemes being decent, we advise against this because we know that Valorant will introduce new premium skin bundles that will need at least 30 Radianite per gun to fully upgrade.

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Divine Swine

The Episode 4 Act 2 Divine Swine skin line features the concept of animated moving decals similar to the Celestial skins as WELL as adopting the two-tone adjustment effects. The skin will have a brighter tone in bright areas, and a darker tone in shadowed areas. 

frenzy battle pass skinvalorant battlepass frenzyvalorant frenzy skinfrenzy skins


The Divine Swine skins are the Judge at Tier 5, the Marshal at Tier 15, the Ares at Tier 20, and the Frenzy at Tier 35. 

Lycan’s Bane

The Lycan’s Bane is the token “adjusted model” skin line. It has linings around the base model with mystic sharp edges akin to the Reaver skin line. In a way, it looks to be a hybrid of the Reaver and Tigris Collection. Additionally, there are cushioned grips similar to the previous Episode 1 Act 3 Ruin skins.

valorant ghost skinbattle pass stingerodin skin valorantlycan bane vandal skin valorant

The Lycan’s Bane collection features the Ghost at Tier 1, the Stinger at Tier 16, the Vandal at Tier 25, and the Odin at Tier 40. 

The main reason to get a battle pass is less so for the skins and more so for the Radianite, especially since this new Bundle Gaia has an amazing finisher and three different variants to choose from.

valorant new vandal skingaia axe basegaia axe variant 2



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