Valorant Act 3 : A new map is coming, and it’s called Icebox!

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Valorant Act 3 

While the world gawks on Super Smash Bros latest DLC fighter, Valorant throws a stone at the news with the announcement of Act 3.


Before we jump into the main highlight of this tease, let’s first take a look at what Act 3 (in general) has in store. There are a few changes to note here:


Firstly, there has been significant changes made to ranked progressing and competitive matchmaking, which is a good thing for us fans, as it shows that the team behind Valorant has been paying a close ear to all of our “outcries”. No longer will there be disparity when it comes to ranked matchmaking. Competitive queue will now feature a 3-rank difference in matchmaking, instead of the original 6. That sounds fair now doesn’t it?

New Agent

Secondly, a new agent of course! From what we know, it seems like Valorant Act 3 might be featuring a new agent. Dataminers managed to dig up some information regarding a possible new agent named “Stealth”, although you and I both know that this could very well just be a codename for now.  

*Update* – Turns out we have details of the new Agent already, and she’s called Skye! Here’s all you need to know about Skye!


Next, we’ve all faced ping issues with the game have we not? Good news is, upcoming updates in Valorant will allow players to enjoy the game at a lower ping. Act 3 will provide an option to choose a preferred server in order to play at a more stable ping. However, due to the update in matchmaking tiers, always getting games on the selected server is not guaranteed.

Act 3 : Icebox

Source – Valorant Youtube Channel

So from what is teased so magnificently in the preview, it looks like Act 3 will be throwing us in the tundra. Valorant’s latest map features an icy scenery, set near some kind of frozen port, with ships, and dozens of shipping containers lying around. A first glance, it looks like it’s going to be a “tight” firefight, but as gorgeous as it looks like now, we’re all just as curious as you are to try it out. BUT, of course we’ll have to wait till it’s released on… well, no official date yet!

So what do you think of Valorant Act 3 so far? Yeah we know, it’s not out yet, but hey! At least we’ve got a new map to play in instead of just the same old four that we’re getting bored off. Anyways, do let us know in the comments section below if you’d like to see a new agent soon! 

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