Update on MapleStory M: Pre-registration rewards and login event

by Sammy Chan

Shortly after the global release of the popular mobile MMORPG mobile game, MapleStory M, the servers came down for maintenance. With over 2 million people signed up for the game’s pre-registration, it’s no wonder the game servers had issues. Since then, streamers have been actively playing and promoting the game. Already, there are people close to max level, maybe they’re already there.

Pre-Registration Rewards

Since the game’s release, people have been having server issues. If you’re one of the unlucky ones you’ll be very familiar with this screen upon login:

Of course, the developers shut down the servers to try and fix the issue. After a schedule delay and a few angry tweets later, the servers finally came back up and all affected players were rewarded with:

  • 3 x Auto Battle Charge Ticket (10 Min)
  • 5 x Cotton Candy On A Stick
  • 3 x Mrs. Ming Ming’s Grub

The servers had been stabilized for the most part but not all the problems had been solved. For one, people who signed up for the pre-registration were promised on 27 July:

  • Grand Launch Gift Box (1)
  • Air Bike
  • Kitty Word Bubble Ring
  • Cat-ger Label Ring
  • Normal Hair Coupon
  • Normal Plastic Surgery Coupon.
  • VIP Teleport Rock
  • Respawn Tokens
  • Grand Launch Gift Box (2)
  • 300,000 Meso Coupon
  • Unique Armor Draw Ticket
  • Mysterious Refining Powder Box (Unique)
  • Community Event Reward Box (1)
  • 100,000 Meso Exchange Ticket
  • Orange EXP Increase Ticket (15 Min)
  • Auto-Battle Charge Ticket (30 Min)
  • Amorian Aura Ring
  • Orange EXP Increase Ticket x2
  • Auto-Battle Charge Ticket (30 Min)

As it turned out, many players weren’t receiving the rewards despite being part of the pre-registration. It was only in a recent scheduled maintenance that they finally fixed the issue. On top of the current rewards they also received:

  •  60 Crystals
  • Gold Leaf (x500)
  • VIP Transportation Rock (x20)
  • Auto Battle Charge Ticket (10 Min.) x5
  • Cotton Candy on a Stick (x5)

Of course there are the occassional outliers that still haven’t received their rewards. If that sounds like you, then it seems you’ll have to send in a ticket to Nexon and wait for them to respond.

Linking Your MapleStory Account To MapleStory M

Also, if you don’t know, Nexon has allowed for you to link your original MapleStory account to the mobile version of the game. However you do need to have a level 150 character on MapleStory. If you do, just follow these steps to link your account:

Players who are Lv. 150 or above in MapleStory can link their account to MapleStory M by inputting a special UserKey. Here’s how to obtain your UserKey:

  • Go to the Event Hall and speak to the Maple Administrator.
  • Select “Talk to a Maple Admin.”
  • In your conversation, select “Check Maple M Link String” and she will provide the UserKey. 
  • The issued UserKey from MapleStory must match with the MapleStory M account exactly in order to be used.
  • Even if a player has several Nexon account IDs, the rewards will only be given once to the account that registered the UserKey.
  • Rewards can’t be received while MapleStory is undergoing maintenance.

There’s current a login event going on in the game now. To get the full rewards from the event you need to log in for 7 days straight. For more details on the rewards, check out the official Nexon website.

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No one is even close to max level lol

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