Two Point Hospital Gameplay Footage Reveal

by Sammy Chan
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Since the announcement from SEGA of Two Point Hospital’s release, this Theme Hospital ‘remake’ has spiked some conversation. As far as simulator games went, Theme Hospital has been a classic favorite. The reason why I call Two Point Hospital a Theme Hospital ‘remake’ is because it’s made by some of the former members of Bullfrog productions — Mark Webley and Gary Carr.

First Look

Webley and Carr presented the game at PC Gamer Weekender 2018 Live Stream. The first few minutes of gameplay we’re shown really brings back the nostalgia. They’ve put in their clever pop-culture twists on the diseases in game.

There is definitely more activity in Two Point Hospital. The 3D look of the game gives it that much more immersion especially with it being a simulator game. the characters seem to have a life of their own and the patients all look pretty detailed and quirky.
The graphics look very clean and the furniture reminds me a little bit of the Sims series. The UI looks simple enough to navigate as well. All in all, the game looks good!

Game Features

Build your hospital from the ground:
Like any simulation game, you build the hospital foundation but be smart about what hospital equipment you put in it to maximize efficiency!
Unique patients:
Patients will come and go to be treated for diseases you may or may not have heard of. I think part of the appeal in this game how the designers have brought the disease to life.
Manage your hospital:
What’s a simulation game without some micro-management? Everything is in your control. From the members of staff to the floor plan. Hire and fire as you see fit. Renovate if something doesn’t look right!
Think of new ways to expand:
Always think about how you can make the hospital more massive than it already is. The resource economy is in your hands!
Two Point Hospital will be going on sale sometime in the second half of 2018 so it’s still quite some time away.

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