Town of Salem on mobile. Available now on iOS and Android!

by Yong Chi Winn
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The Town of Salem will finally be opened to everyone to visit — on your phone. BlankMediaGames just launched Town of Salem on mobile for your tablets and phones so you can access the game wherever you are. The game comes with a complete set of new icons and a new UI so it’s basically a visual upgrade.

Town of Salem on Mobile? An upgrade?

Technically any form of change that allows you to play games from anywhere is an upgrade. Unless they start charging you or they limit you via an energy system like all the other mobile games out there.
Town of Salem is a simple game that has three factions, in a way. The good (Town), the bad (Mafia) and the neutrals. The last group stands in the middle and does their own work and just loves/hates everyone.
The gameplay is fairly simple. You and lots of other random people will be assigned a role and your objective will be based on that. The good guys have to find out who are the baddies and vote them to death. The baddies, on the other hand, have to make the good guys sentence each other to death. Finally, we have the neutrals who just do their own stuff like a pet cat in the house that doesn’t give a care in the world what happens.
Everyone will be assigned roles. These will be your job/class somewhat like in MMOs so you’ll get perks or a special skill from getting that role. For example, the Bodyguard will be able to protect a person of your choice from death if the baddies target that person. An example of a baddie role will be the Godfather. His job is straightforward. Kill someone in every round until only Mafia members are left.

New features in Town of Salem

A lot of the new features implemented in the mobile version is meant to streamline your experience playing on the mobile app. The first addition will be the new private notes page right next to your chat bar. This makes it easier for you to write notes down while playing the game immediately.
The second implementation is the new special ability buttons like self-healing as a Doctor for example. The button will be visibly available at the bottom of the screen for your use during the game.
Furthermore, several new tabs were added to ease your gameplay. Four new tabs will be available for you to see who’s alive, who’s dead, their roles and who you can target. With a tap of a button now you can see your potential allies or enemies and start preparing your next move before you end up as a target.
Speaking of ending up as a target, they also made a “Send Will to Chat” button so that you will always remember to share your empty will to the randoms in the game. Now you have performed admirably in helping your faction win the game.
Town of Salem for iOS and Android is already available now. Quickly call your friends and play a game with them so you can see who’s the better liar. What we meant was who has better charisma in convincing randoms. You can find more information about the roles, gameplay, and updates on their website here.

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