Top 5 things you can learn from League of Legends Play-In Stage for Worlds 2018

by Sammy Chan
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The double round robin for the League of Legends Play-In Stage Worlds 2018 has ended and it was intense! We have compiled some lessons that you can learn from watching the awesome games in the first stage. Over the span of four days, we have seen teams getting demolished and some teams causing upsets in the Rift. Here are the top five things you can learn from the first round of the Play-In Stage. Hopefully, they will come in handy the next time you step onto Summoner’s Rift!

1. Never underestimate your opponent.

Yes, we know you’re a strong team from a major region. However, this is Worlds. This is the biggest tournament with the best teams from around the world. When you have an advantage you should always make use of it. Having an (almost) 10k gold lead does not guarantee a win; it helps but it will not give you the victory sign. EDG made the mistake when they faced Infinity eSports on Day 3 of the Play-In Stage. Respecting your opponent will keep you on your toes. End the game when you’re ahead, don’t play with your “food”!


2. Team composition priorities matter.

This one doesn’t apply that much of an impact in solo queue. But still, always worth a shot. And hey, if you get a team that cares about these things, that’s great! If you don’t, then don’t go flaming that first pick guy just because he doesn’t want to pick the first champion for you. On the third day, KaBuM! faces off against Detonation FocusMe for the second time but this time they revealed their cards too early. They chose Soraka on their first rotation and Vayne on their second. We’ll just let Barento “Raz” Mohammed, an analyst, explain it for us.


3. The game never ends until the Nexus explodes.

You will meet one of those people who goes “surrender at 20” when your Yasuo mid dies for the second time in lane. You should never surrender because you will always have a chance to come back into the game or your opponents might make mistakes (i.e #2), giving your team an opening to retaliate. Unfortunately, this is not about that. If you’re on the losing end, just hope that the inhibitor is on your side so you can have some more time to defend.


(4) 1v1 is for suckers.

Welcome to League of Legends. This is a game that has two teams with five players on each side. Let me repeat that. This is a game that has two TEAMS. It’s a team game everybody! If you are losing hard and you still want to 1v1 the opponent, you need to get your brain checked. In fact, try learning from the professional players. There are very rare moments in the game where they go 1v1 unless you’re a split pushing top laner then that’s a different case. Most of their early fights are always imbalanced. Either it’s 2v1, 3v2 or so on. It’s not fair you say? Hey, that’s how you win the game!


5. Go for every advantage you can find.

Point number five will touch on the fight for Baron Buff. Most players will hope that they have the better jungler with faster reaction speed to smite the Baron Nashor. Why are you doing this? Just eliminate the opposing jungler. Change a 50-50 scenario into a 100% success to get baron! Well, this is what happens when you leave the enemy jungler around. Pay attention to what KaBuM! eSports did during their second attempt to get baron.

Now that the League of Legends Play-In Stage is done we can look to the next stage. The Worlds Play-In Knockout Stage is already underway with Cloud9 facing off against Gambit Esports and later EDward Gaming will be going up against Detonation FocusMe. Who do you think will win and advance into the group stage? Our money’s on C9.

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