Top 5 games that you can enjoy with Cherry Credits

by Patrick Mark
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If you live in the SEA region, you definitely know who we’re talking about when we mention Cherry Credits.

They are one of the biggest providers in SEA for game credits, eWallet, banking and many more. Apart from that, they have signed their currency to be exclusively available to over 1000 games in order to provide the best prices for gamers.

Some of these titles are which you have heard of, and some may even bring back nostalgia of our early gaming days.


Dragon Nest SEA

Let’s be honest, growing up, Dragon Nest SEA was definitely one of your favorite childhood games. It was considered as one of the more polished and addictive experiences in the MMORPG market. With 6 base classes to choose from that each eventually branches out to its own separate arsenal of advancement classes, Dragon Nest SEA still offers rewarding experience for players new and old.  Not to mention their balanced and fair PVP system that gets you motivated to build different classes and try out different builds, which defines the beauty in any RPG.

Black Desert SEA

BDO has definitely flew under your radar if you’re into MMORPG, it was anticipated as the flashiest one in its genre out there. Even with the negative reviews that it has experience in the past, it is still being played today with high population in game. One of the reason why BDO is still packing with players is due to the aesthetics and beautiful scenery in game, followed by flashy combos that feels ever so satisfying to pull off. The only draw backs that I could describe for BDO is the skill ceiling but if that’s your cup of tea then BDO is still worth picking up in 2022 for casual play.

Marvel Super War

Marvel’s first ever MOBA, yes you heard that right, you can play as Iron Man or even Magneto against real life players in a 5-on-5 arena matchup. My personal take on Marvel Super War is a casual game that you would get on with your buddies on Friday game nights for quick matches and a lot of fun. 

Bleach Mobile 3D

Speaking of playing as your favorite characters, if you haven’t watch the anime, you need not worry. BLEACH Mobile 3D is an action RPG where you get to tag along on all of Ichigo’s — no less than main character in the manganime created by Tite Kubo, himself — latest adventures. This officially licensed MMORPG sticks to the original story, so you can jump right back into the popular series from beginning to end.

In BLEACH Mobile 3D, gameplay is not too unlike other similar multiplayer games. It’s up to you to accomplish a set of missions in order to level up and gain new equipment. But, best of all, is you get to continue the original story along with Ichigo, Rukia, Inoue, Chad and the whole gang.

Eudomons Online

Eudemons, as the game is named for, refer to the robust pet system that allows players to hatch, evolve, train, and enter battle with over two hundred different Eudemons, bringing up to three into battle at a time. To make it short ‘Eudomon is your strongest living weapon’. Collect over two hundred unique Eudemons freely or get rare one from shop. 

You can freely choose your own class out of seven of them. Every class has its own feature. You can fight fiercely like a warrior or be a ranger to take the enemy’s live thousands of miles away. You can also cast skill like mage, necromancer and paladin, or use spear to pierce opponent’s heart as Shadow Knight. Be Vampire is also a good choice because this class is good at both physics and magic. All in all, it totally depends on you!

About Cherry Credits

Cherry Credits, or CC, is a global virtual credit system which you can use to make purchases online via Cherry Exchange or directly through merchants who support this payment method. Cherry Credits often provide the most value out of their currency exchange which include deals too hard to decline.

Now here’s GOOD NEWS for all gamers that are using Cherry Credits as your payment choice. SEAGM currently has an exclusive promo for all denominations with 10% off Cherry credit CC from 13 Sep until 26 Sep 2022.



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