Thresh, The Chain Warden Hooks Players in on the Wild Rift

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Thresh, the Chain Warden has been hooking players in on the Wild Rift ever since his release on August 13. Thresh is a CC-centric Support with a very high skill ceiling that can completely turn the tides of battle with his utility packed toolkit. He’s well known in League of Legends for making big plays, be it with his hook, lantern, Flays or predictions.

Differences in Wild Rift Thresh and League of Legends Thresh

While the toolkit in Wild Rift Thresh remains unchanged from his League of Legends counterpart, there are a few minute differences worth noting between the two. Firstly, his Death Sentence (first ability) is a bit more projected in Wild Rift than in League of Legends. This is because his Wild Rift model has a very noticeable green, trailing particle effect on his scythe. When he does the wind-up before launching Death Sentence, the particles cause these very distinct “green donuts” during the animation.

Thankfully, the other differences between the two versions of Thresh are just quality of life (QoL) changes to better fit mobile players. The first one is a yellow bar below his mana bar, tied to his Flay passive (third ability). The bar increases over time, indicating how much additional magic damage the Flay passive will deal on your next auto-attack. When it turns red, it means the Flay passive is fully charged. The bonus magic damage on your next auto-attack will not increase any further.

Quality of Life Changes

The next QoL change for Wild Rift Thresh is that when you cast your Dark Passage (second ability), a dedicated button to grab the lantern will pop up on your allies screen when they’re close enough. This is an obvious but necessary quality of life change. Taking your fingers off the phone to tap on the lantern directly would render this ability much less effective. Instead, this new dedicated button would allow allies to react and grab it much quicker, without needing to move their hands or fingers to another spot on their phone screen.

Another change of note is that Unbound Thresh, the latest skin for Thresh in League of Legends, is now the default Thresh skin in Wild Rift. Thresh released with his Pulsefire skin, at the price of 990 Wild Cores.

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You can also watch the official champion overview video below: 

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