The Reaver Karambit is the first Premium Knife to undergo Inflation – People are looking for Sugar Daddies

by Daniel
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Valorant’s latest Patch rolled out earlier today and with it came changes to some of the newer agents and more importantly, the Reaver 2.0 Bundle. The bundle is a continuation of the original Reaver bundle, and it includes:

  • Ghost (1,775 VP)
  • Odin (1,775 VP)
  • Spectre (1,775 VP)
  • Phantom (1,775 VP)
  • Karambit (Melee) (4,350 VP)

The original Reaver Bundle followed the standard format for having its melee skin double the price of its respective gun skin, so people were surprised to see the Reaver Karambit experience this price hike. The current price of 4,350 VP is double of higher-end premium tier skins, namely the “Glitchpop”, “Prelude to Chaos”, and the exclusive “Sentinels of Light” and “Ruination”.

It’s a surprising turn of events as it’s the first time something like this has happened. However, given the Karambit has variants, it’s no surprise it was priced as such. You can see the breakdown of how skins are priced in the following article.

While the price of the Reaver Karambit may have thrown off most, players can still avoid paying the extra cost by purchasing the entire bundle for 7,100 VP.

Needless to say, the running-joke of Valorant having a degenerate community continued on in Twitter:

If you’re unlucky, you can try purchasing from SEAGM instead:


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