The face of the company: SEAGM’s customer service

by Aly Damil
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For the past two years, SEAGM has faced a series of ups and downs due to the pandemic. This has also resulted in our employees adapting to the new work setup. But despite these hurdles, SEAGM has continuously grown strong and provided opportunities to people who want to thrive in the online game and esports industry.

One of the departments that is currently in need of more talents is the Customer Service Department. SEAGM considers its Customer Service Department as the face of the company. Every interaction with the customers represents the organization’s products, services, culture, and values. Hence, the department always makes sure that customer satisfaction is being met and every concern is being solved.

SEAGM’s Customer Service

SEAGM customer service identifies the root of the customers’ concerns and works to find an effective solution via online chat. It is about resolving customer issues with SEAGM-related products, payments, or accounts as quickly as possible and providing appropriate solutions.

SEAGM’s Customer Service Team

What does it take to become an effective SEAGM Customer Service Officer?

According to Dang Yee, Customer Service Senior Officer at SEAGM,

“I believe that having problem-solving and active listening abilities is necessary, but maintaining a good and upbeat attitude is crucial and is the secret to giving SEAGM customers outstanding or extraordinary customer service. This is because the customer you interact with regularly won’t always be the same and will have to vary in regards to temper, attitudes, problems or complaints. Most likely, if a customer approaches us via LiveChat, it is because of a problem or a necessity. 

SEAGM’s Customer Service Team

“Putting yourself in other people’s shoes” is crucial, in my opinion. You must remain calm and put yourself in the customer’s shoes to comprehend the nature of the issue and the needs of the customer to offer the best possible solutions. To put it another way, it’s like taking the time to understand a customer’s current situation or problem and letting them know that you’re paying attention to and comprehending them. You may also rephrase the issue once more and ask the customer whether it makes sense before presenting solutions. The customer will feel more comfortable dealing with you if they believe you understand their problem and have a workable answer.”

Dang Yee has been with SEAGM since 2018. As a Customer Service Senior Officer, her duties include checking on orders, monitoring chat responses from customer service agents, and updating SEAGM articles that are primarily concerned with product/payment guides, problem-solving, and FAQs.

SEAGM’s Customer Service Team is currently looking for individuals interested in becoming a Customer Service Officer for SEAGM Malaysia. Fresh graduates are welcome as SEAGM has senior officers like Dang Yee who are equipped with the right amount of experience and knowledge to train the new breeds of talent. 

If you have excellent communication skills, are proactive and problem-solver, this may be the sign for you to join the team!

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