The Division 2 is THE Game to Get With Friends

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The Division 2 is on sale right now for 70% off on the Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Connect. If you have a group of friends itching to get into a new squad-based game, The Division 2 is the game to get. The sale ends December 12, 2020 at 5:30pm, so take a quick read and get it before time runs out.

The Division 2 – A Looter Shooter for ALL Audiences

Looter shooters can be a hit or miss with audiences. Some find the grind cumbersome while others simply do not like the going through the overwhelming deposit of information the game dumps on you. Others may have the impression that Looter Shooters emphasize too much on item hoarding and not enough on gameplay and narrative. Some people may dislike games that strongly encourage cooperative play because they want something they can play alone on their own time. The Division 2 manages to minimize all these concerns.

You’ll be glad to know that The Division 2 can be approached by both casual and hardcore gamer audiences. Despite being a looter shooter, there is a level of leniency to the grinding and hoarding. The first run of all missions default to an accessible “story” difficulty, making missions not impossible to complete on your first run, be it alone or with friends.

Story and Plot Delivery

There’s is also decent story and lore to The Division 2 that isn’t integral to completing the game. This makes it so that you can skip through the cutscenes, should you want, and explore the beautifully crafted open world of D.C. at whatever pace you choose. If you’re the type that finds plot, narrative and other story-telling elements integral to enjoying a game, the game will provide you all of that with decent acting and delivery. It’s plot and delivery is nothing spectacular or groundbreaking, but it isn’t so bad as to being a crummy B-list movie.

the division 2plot

Great Amount of Content – Value for Money Purchase

I’ve been playing (and well enjoying) 30 hours on The Division 2, and am keen to sink in more. For 7 Dollars, I’d say I’ve made my investment returns. The game provides a huge open world for you to explore. Just when you thought you’d seen it all, you’ll soon be exploring sewers, underground tunnels, well-designed levels, and more. You even get to see a vandalized Lincoln Memorial.

So what about you, the explorer of these levels?

Well, you’re open to great depths of customization. You carry two primary weapons and a sidearm that you can switch out at any time. Additionally, you have two skill slots that can be equipped with support or offensive abilities thanks to SHD technology. Once you reach the endgame and level 30, you unlock even more customization options with specialized classes, prepping you for the even more challenging “Dark Zone”. It’s like pursuing your Master’s Degree after obtaining your Bachelor’s, but it only costs a thousandth of the price.

the division 2 coop

Everything is Purposeful in The Division 2

Anyways, all of this is not for naught. You aren’t exploring plain, empty areas with no purpose. Within these excellently-designed levels, you’ll face a variety of enemy types. From crazy drug-addict melee rushdowners, to tactical full-body shielded grunts, to cowardly adult man-babies playing with remote controlled explosive toy cars, to heavily armored juggernauts with an unrelenting amount of firepower. Each enemy requires a different approach, and more often than not, defeating them yields you powerful loot. These drops in turn that may or may not suit the build you’re going for.

the division 2 gameplay

The variety of loot you can collect can be used for several different things. You can pick up components to upgrade your favorite lower-level weapon, obtain resources to provide for you settlements, and the list goes on and on and on. For casual audiences, you don’t need to worry about knowing what you’re doing; in the end, you’ll just be running and gunning all the same.

It’s Heaps Load of Fun, Enjoyable for Everyone

The Division 2 is a must-buy when it’s on sale for the sheer volume of content it provides. Playing it with friends is an immense joy, and it provides enough content for you to even play by yourself. It’s currently on sale now, but if you miss it, don’t hesitate to get it at it’s full price of $30. There’s even an expansion out, providing even more content in case 30 hours isn’t enough to satisfy you.

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