Tencent Gains Rights To Launch Fortnite In China

by Sammy Chan
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Fortnite in China? Sounds like a dream come true. Last week, the official Fortnite Twitter page tweeted out a picture of Jonesy’s passport with a China stamp on the page. The caption read:

“The Battle Bus is taking off!
Destination, China”

Fortnite World Domination?

Everyone latched onto the bait. Some people speculated a new map or mode others were almost certain that Fortnite was moving over to the east. This is a big move by Epic Games because their biggest competitor in the market, PUBG, has a big presence in China. That may have something to do with the fact that Tencent bought the rights to release a mobile version of the game. In fact, they released not one but two games called PUBG: Army Attack and PUBG: Exhilarating Attack.
So as we can see, China is a big fan of the genre. People have said that Fortnite has taken over the world but they were wrong. Now, that they’re going to China, they’re just about to start world domination.

Investing In Fortnite eSports

Tencent recently had a conference to announce the arrival of Fortnite to China. Following that announcement, Tencent also revealed that they will be spending 15 million USD to promote Fortnite eSports. They even released a promo video on weibo, the China equivalent of YouTube.
On top of that, we also find out that Tencent now owns 40% of Epic Games. That’s a pretty significant portion of the company and hopefully, the investment will pay of. As of now, it’s difficult to tell how the reception of a BR game other than PUBG will do in the Chinese market but if it’s anything like what Fortnite’s done to PUBG in the west, we’re looking at a skyrocketing revenue for Epic Games and Tencent.

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