Tencent Releases PUBG Mobile Emulator

by Sammy Chan
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Have you ever been curious about being part of this battle royale frenzy? Ever wanted to try out PUBG but at the same time, unwilling to spend $29.99 for a copy? Fortnite is one free alternative, yes, but today – we’re talking about PUBG. Tencent, who recently acquired the rights to publish Fortnite in China, has released a PUBG mobile emulator.

What is the PUBG Mobile Emulator?

Essentially, the aim of the emulator is to make it such that PUBG mobile players will have fair matchmaking. Players have been known to use software like Bluestacks to run PUBG mobile on their PC. This creates an unfair advantage, obviously, with KB/M player having better control over touchscreen players.
Working together with Lightspeed & Quantum Studio, Tencent has made it such that the emulator is able to detect where the player is playing from. If you’re playing from an emulator, you will see this notice:

Screengrab via PUBG Emulator

All in all, there isn’t much difference. The UI is the same as the mobile version but there is a catch – you won’t be able to trade items. So for anyone who wants to try out PUBG on your PC, you can get the emulator right here.

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