Teams Battling In The Inaugural Wild Rift SEA Championship 2021

by Bradley Tan
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The inaugural Wild Rift SEA Championships is set to kickoff this coming Tuesday, 14 September 2021 and the hype is real!

As this is the very first Southeast Asia Championships, the 21 of the best teams in the Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam) region plus Oceania, Hong Kong and Taiwan will come together to compete for a total prize pool of USD 200,000.

According to Riot Games, this will be an all-online tournament where teams will be either competing in a ESL organized location or at their team’s house. However, we understand that with any online tournaments comes ping issues, and it’s no denying that it might happen with this tournament. In the recent media press conference, Riot Games and ESL have assured that they will work on ensuring that the teams competing will have a fair and usable ping status.

The championships will be broadcast in multiple languages live on Twitch, Facebook and YouTube on Riot SEA’s official channels as well as on their partners’ (League of Legends: Wild Rift and ESL Asia) broadcast channels.

Leo Faria, Global Head of Wild Rift Esports at Riot Games commented on Wild Rift’s Esports journey thus far.

“We intend for Wild Rift Esports to be Riot’s first truly global mobile Esport. While we are still in the early stages of building out our newest sport, our progress in Southeast Asia sets the tone for what we want to achieve in other regions.” he stated.

Faria added that the main goal of the Wild Rift: SEA Championship is to shine a spotlight on the talent and passion of the SoutheastAsian teams as well as setting a standard for mobile Esports.

According to Riot, the Wild Rift SEA Icon Series has accounted for close to 1,000 participating teams since the league started, with daily unique views peaking at 1.28 million during the Summer Super Cup.

That being said, the Wild Rift: SEA Championship 2021 aims to shine a spotlight on the incredible talent and passion of these Southeast Asian teams. It also sets a standard for how mobile Esports can be viewed and enjoyed.

Faria explained that Riot is excited to bring this same player-focused strategy and high-quality productions to other mobile audiences around the world.

Additionally, group draws for the teams competing in the play-ins will start tomorrow, 11 September.

Riot Games also ensured that the future Wild Rift tournaments will be focusing more on the player-first. For more information on Riot’s future plans, visit here.

Here’s a list of teams competing in the very first Wild Rift SEA Championships.


  • Group Stage
    • Geek Fam
  • Play-ins
    • Berjaya Dragons


  • Group Stage
    • Alliance
  • Play-ins
    • Banana


  • Group Stage
    • SBTC Esports
  • Play-ins
    • Divine Esports
    • Saigon Phantom
    • Team Flash


  • Group Stage
    • EVOS Esports TH
  • Play-ins
    • Buriram United Esports
    • Invate Esports


  • Group Stage
    • ONE Team
  • Play-ins
    • Flash Wolves
    • Looking For Daddy

Hong Kong

  • Group Stage
    • SVP
  • Play-ins
    • QWQ


  • Group Stage
    • MBR Esports
  • Play-ins
    • BOOM Esports


  • Group Stage
    • Team Secret
  • Play-ins
    • FENNEL Adversity


  • Group Stage
    • Azure Esports

To find out more about the format of the inaugural SEA Championships click here.

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