Summer Split Meta Review

by Sammy Chan
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All about them tanks

Summer Split is upon us and with the mid-season update that held significant update for tanks, the addition of new items and a much needed buff to the Rift Herald. A shift in dominance is sure to follow especially for junglers. Last season was all about assassins and carry junglers, giving the rookie jungler Contractz the chance to showcase his skills on champions like Rengar and Khazix whereas junglers who favour tanks like Reignover, had a dip in his performance.

Tank Rework


Image via Riot Games

Sejuani trademark was how strong her point-and-click stun ultimate, Glacial Prison (R), was. This meant the rest of her kit being watered down to highlight her ultimate in particular resulting in a weak early game in the game for the Fury of the North. With this update the developer intend to spread that power amongst her kit to balance it out. The developers are keying into Sejuani’s theme of being a heavy cavalry Freljordian war leader. Her new passive grands her amor resistance and slow immunity.


Image via Riot Games

In this patch Riot made this goop a formidable tank with an update to Stretching Strike (Q) giving him the ability to knock two enemy champions together and Let’s Bounce (R) can now carry champion with him as he bounces to a target location. Zaun’s Secret Weapon has been upgraded with more goop to self-sustain in the jungle and a boost to his skill set allowing him to bounce in and out leaving a trail of chaos for his enemies. Riot also added a pretty cool feature that changes the pitch and speed of Zac’s voice based on his current size.


Image via Riot Games

In the Spring split, Maokai was the go-to top lane pick. Impact and Balls are example of players who have quite the success playing Maokai , especially Impact. He would farm out the lane then transition into a tree that is near impossible to cut down. This requires close to no strategy as Maokai could work around every team comp and that is exactly what Riot is seeking to remove. The Twisted Treant can now send binding roots in the direction of his enemy with Nature’s Grasp (R), replacing the damage reduction aura, Vengeful Maelstrom. Choosing Maokai is now a much more intreeguing decision, says the dev.

Rift Herald

Image via Surrender at 20

The Rift Herald presence in the rift up to now has been insignificant and was never a  priority to teams but this update changes everything. She’s now a turret-pummelling beast that you do NOT want to give away to your enemy. Once defeated, she will be imprisoned in a trinket called Eye of the Trinket and the player that picks it up will temporarily have their trinket replaced. Crush the trinket to summon the herald, unleashing it upon the nearest lane’s structure and minions. The only way to get rid of this beast – is to kill her.

The Summer Split

With these new changes, the meta will once again shift and can the pro team adapt as they step into the Rift? Aggressive junglers had been nerf the spotlight shines on the newly updated tanks to take over the jungle. If they do not adapt, players like Contractz and Hauntzer will struggle in the jungle whereas players who favour damage-absorbing champions such as Meteos and Reignover will benefit from this update. The matches will begin on the 30th of May for EU LCS and 2nd of June for NA CLS.
For detailed patch information go here.

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